Who is Matthew C. Kriner?

Okay, so I was just clearing the spam away from my site here and I noticed two comments in a row with the same name. I hesitated just for a second because I thought it might be a real person, but it was just more of the same “I love your site” comments with a link to some spam site about new gadgets or penis growth stuff. I deleted them.

The name was Matthew C. Kriner. Usually the posts have just random gibberish for a name, so a repeating name was interesting enough for me to Google it. There are hundreds of pages where similar comments have been made on other blogs and stuff using the same name. Why would the spammers reuse this name?

I suppose it is possible that there are many reused Spam Names and I have just never noticed, but I am going to start paying more attention, just in case there is some sort of story here.

Maybe Matthew C. Kriner is the king of Spam or something…

  1. Kriner totally commented again with his spam. And now other names like Luigi Fulk and Hipolito M. Wiseman are turning up a lot now too. Both are totally all over the place according to Google. Spam robots are messed up.

  2. I checked out a few of the sites with Kriner and found a link to the following http://www.ultimatetrafficformula.com/

    I’m thinking this is part of a scam to get more hits for web sites. Or maybe I’m just jumping to conclusions. Or maybe conclusions are jumping to me. In fact one just jumped into my lap. Ohh, he’s so cute.

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