Stand Up Time.

I have just purchased tickets to see Louis C.K. when he plays Halifax. Now, I’m poor and all that, but I couldn’t miss out on that so soon after finding out that Modest Mouse was coming only after tickets were already sold out.

I have seen stand-up acts in comedy clubs, but this is a much bigger deal. The venue is going to be like seven times bigger than the tiny clubs I’ve seen. Plus: It’s Louis C.K.

That’s gonna be sweet.

Suspicious Activity

I said I would keep mentioning my run-ins with the police on here and I meant it. It gives me something to write about when the only things I really do at any moment are work and be lazy.

So anyway, I was making that walk down the long highway outside of civilization that I have mentioned in the past and a cop car drove by me, slowly enough that I figure I was being watched. He then decided that he would drive off and leave me be. I wasn’t paying attention until the car was going, so I couldn’t tell if it was a policeperson I had dealt with before or not, but in any case a moment after he was gone a coworker drove up and offered me a lift. I accepted and as we continued down the road, we passed a cop car, probably the same one, parked at the side of the road. I am willing to assume he was waiting for me or something. But the thing is, I was in a car now. He will never see me walk by and will probably assume I wandered off into the woods to do some crimes. Oh well. I assume that all government agencies monitor my website anyway, so now the cops will know the truth.


The apocalypse.
A time for friends and fam’ly
to all end up dead.

So, a week or two I read that a Hollywood movie company had bought the rights to make a movie based on the old arcade game Asteroids. That was especially interesting to me because of the time I used to be in the #1 spot on the high scores for that game at an arcade we used to have around here, but I still thought that a movie of it would probably be ridiculous. I have since heard of other properties that companies have actually paid for the opportunity to make movies of, such as Monopoly or Battleship. Now, I just have to say: Hollywood, you are an idiot. I try not to think about how much money you waste producing bad movies year after year because you occasionally make things that I do enjoy, but the idea that studios are competing for properties like this and probably paying a lot of money reminds me that you are really an idiot. I mean, really, if you wanted to make a movie about a guy flying around destroying asteroids, you easily could have done it without the license. The same goes especially for Battleship. You could make hundreds of movies about Battleships dueling in the ocean before having to resort to getting those rights. And I can guarantee that there aren’t hardcore Battleship fans that are a guaranteed audience that you can only bring in with the name brand title. Really, the only possible way these movies could turn out well is if they turn out insanely stupid. That’s the best I can hope for with Asteroids and that is why Hollywood is an idiot.

Don’t That Beat All?

Today I got to see ex-Beatle Paul McCartney live in concert. Of course, to be technical I was not attending the concert. Marq and I were among a throng of people outside the fenced-off perimeter of the proper concert who were listening anyway. Take that box offices.

All in all, I would say that was an excellent several hours of music listening. We found a nice place where I wasn’t too surrounded by people and we could kinda see over the fence. McCartney puts on a good show. And the thing I enjoyed most was the big bald drummer who would not look out of place on a metal band.

Marq had to leave early, so I’ll just tell him some stuff he missed:

  • Songs Marq missed include (but are not limited to): Yesterday, Hey Jude, Day Tripper and Helter Skelter. And Live and Let Die had fireworks.
  • Four people jumped over the fence by the road. They pretty peaked at the second attempt and got progressively worse at getting past security. The first guy just jumped and made a break for it with a security guy coming after him. The next guy used that distraction as chance to make a break for it. By the time I lost sight of him he hadn’t been spotted. I doubt he got anywhere really, but who knows? The third guy jumped over and hid behind a bush for a while until the crowd egged him on to try his luck, which caught the attention of security. He then fell into the bush because he was apparently too drunk to run for it. The last guy, apparently even drunker, would have done just as well if he’d jumped right into security’s arms.
  • Someone cut the cord of that balloon and it floated away never to be heard from again.

That’s about all I can think of for now. For the most part it was just me, standing by a fence and enjoying music.

Preemptive Excuse

I don’t know exactly what my title is at work, but the other guy who does the same job is away this month. This means I’ll have to pretend like I care about that job pretty much all month long. And work extra days each week. And I don’t have ride to work. So, basically, it sucks. If I don’t get around to putting much on my website, let’s blame it on that, shall we?