Poor Wet Italian Bastards.

It is really very nice outside today. Way better here than in Italy, I bet. It’s probably raining in Italy. Those poor Italian bastards. Soaked to the bone and crying because they accidentally locked themselves out of the house.

In Nova Scotia, grocery stores are not supposed to be open on Sundays, see. But lately they’ve been going through loopholes that let smaller stores open and even more lately the bigger stores have been opening parts of their stores. I don’t know if the Superstore by me is going to be open, but if it is, I’m going to complain that the cannibalism section isn’t open. If they say they don’t have a cannibalism section, I’ll call them racist. That’s why I support Sunday shopping.

Actually, I probably won’t even check if the Superstore is open tomorrow. I’ll probably sleep instead.

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