You Better Beleive It!

There’s apparently a Japanese restaurant opening up the street from me. They’ve a sign on their window saying they want “part time employers”. If I wasn’t so sure that that was a typo, I’d really have to consider trying for that.

Okay, anyway. I found this article in the paper two days ago and attempted to rip it out to talk about it here. Except it would appear that what I ripped out was the article directly beneath the one I wanted. I guess “Even in White House, Obama girls do chores.” Not really what I was looking to talk about, (and not really newsworthy if I were asked…) but good for them, I guess. It’ll build character. Last thing we want it a couple of little kids with atropheid chores-doing skills. There’s enough of those around already.

Actually, I did get the last paragraph of the article I wanted, and that’s the most important part. The peice was about a decision by educators to stop using the phrase “I before E except after C” because there are just way too many exceptions. Most of the people in the article as I recall were down with it, but here is the last paragraph as written on this scrap of paper: “But supporters say the ditty has value because it is one of the few language rules that most people remember.”

To sum up, educators say, “we’re not going to use that because it is wrong.” These “supporters” whoever they may be say, “It may be wrong, but people remember it.” What the chunks, supporters? Are you idiots? As an idiot myself I can say that that little ditty was definitely remembered by me and it Messed Me Up. While the examples in this post are done on purpose, I do have a genuine problem remembering the I’s and E’s of plenty of words and I say we get rid of that misleading phrase and prevent another generation of children from hesitating over words the way I do.

It’s like effin’ Pluto again. People just don’t like things they know to change because then they don’t feel like they know things, I guess…


This week’s distraction that kept me from other things: The Ghostbusters Video Game. Totally worth it. It is awesome to get to be a Ghostbuster. Plus, I got the chance to bust that library ghost woman from the first movie, thus getting her back for creeping out a young PDR in his impressionable youth. Take that, Old Lady!

Now I want someone to make a video game of Filmation’s Ghostbusters as competition for the other one. Then we can fight ghosts in the future as well.


The dead rise from Hell.
Usually, that’s not so great.
But today, it’s cool.

Also, my website is getting a whole bunch of spam coming after it again. I’m certain that this website is among those least useful for advertising things, but apparently I was wrong because I’ve had to shut off comments on a bunch of old posts just to keep up with the spamming. Spam knows better than me, I suppose.

Modern Entertainment

I guess I will review modern entertainment.

I’ve been watching Conan’s new Tonight Show lately. I have always loved Conan, but towards the end of his Late Night run, I wasn’t watching as often as I once did. I guess I just didn’t care. But I tuned in for his last week, which was awesome and his first two weeks with the new show are also awesome. I love having Andy back, even though at least two of his attempts at having his own show were quite good and I would have lived him to still be there. Nonetheless Andy and Conan back together awakens my memories of watching Conan when I should have been sleeping for school and all that. Though Joel as announcer is missed just because he always seemed willing to do whatever they wanted him to do in a sketch. Not that Andy isn’t willing to debase himself for comedy. Ah well. And when I caught the fact that the Max Weinberg Seven was no longer called by that name, I thought maybe some of the band had left. Not so. They’ve simply added James Wormsworth, who used to just be a fill-in member of the Seven. Fine with me. All in all, it’s a lot like a familial group being back together and it feels right to me.

Then again, one of the things that got me to stop caring enough to find Conan online every day before is still there. In the monologue (and occasionally the sketches as well), I only get about half the pop culture references. I can’t be bothered to follow the careers of celebrities I don’t care about just to get jokes.

Also, this week I saw Drag Me To Hell, which was a quality horror with comedic vibe. I’ll end up buying that one, I would say. The writer or director or someone involved really seems to have an oral fixation, though, that is obvious.

And Maybe I’ll Start Doing New Ones Soon.

I enjoyed seeing the images from Geocities a few posts back there and felt I needed to get more images and stuff on this here site of mine. When I was going through the stuff I managed to salvage from my old computer I found a little thing I’d done that I don’t remember ever putting on the late, lamented Contains2 Comics Page. Here it is.

Since making this, I've been in a desert.

In other news, I was thinking the other day that a shaved horse would probably look really weird, but then it occurred to me that their hair isn’t that long anyway. I don’t know if a shaved horse would be freaky or if I’d just barely notice. Someone needs to find out for me.

PDR vs RCMP. Again.

Those of you who follow my life religiously and commit every detail to memory will recall the time I got hassled by the fuzz for just walking at night a couple years back. It just happened again. Once again I use this site as a place to log my time on the wrong side of the law.

There were some differences beyond it being two years later, of course. Take a moment to familiarize yourselves with the details of the old case and I will compare. This time I was dressed in all kinds of black clothing again, but instead of the rebel insignia, I was wearing a shirt with the Venture Brothers logo designed to look like a skull. I was stopped in front of the same gas station as before, but there was no backup. And instead of an attractive woman, the cop was a man. Still pretty attractive though, if you’re into that sort of thing. And I got some details on exactly why I was being questioned. Apparently it went beyond walking around a four in the morning. Get this: A man around my height with dark clothing has been, wait for it, Exposing Himself To People. I match the description of a Flasher.

You know, trenchcoats have a bad reputation, but usually I just have put up with the stereotype of dressing like all those idiot school shooters and psychotic loners and stuff. I mean, sure, I’ve had people comment on flashers wearing trenchcoats before, but generally that negative stereotype of we trenchcoat wearers is mentioned only occasionally. Now, the copper said the flasherman was wearing “dark clothes” so I don’t even know if he actually was wearing a trenchcoat himself or not. Either way, I hope he’s freakin’ happy making it just that much harder for people like me to wear trenchcoats and not be evil and suspicious looking.

Oh well. Stay tuned for the next adventure of PDR vs. RCMP, whenever it may occur.