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I guess I will review modern entertainment.

I’ve been watching Conan’s new Tonight Show lately. I have always loved Conan, but towards the end of his Late Night run, I wasn’t watching as often as I once did. I guess I just didn’t care. But I tuned in for his last week, which was awesome and his first two weeks with the new show are also awesome. I love having Andy back, even though at least two of his attempts at having his own show were quite good and I would have lived him to still be there. Nonetheless Andy and Conan back together awakens my memories of watching Conan when I should have been sleeping for school and all that. Though Joel as announcer is missed just because he always seemed willing to do whatever they wanted him to do in a sketch. Not that Andy isn’t willing to debase himself for comedy. Ah well. And when I caught the fact that the Max Weinberg Seven was no longer called by that name, I thought maybe some of the band had left. Not so. They’ve simply added James Wormsworth, who used to just be a fill-in member of the Seven. Fine with me. All in all, it’s a lot like a familial group being back together and it feels right to me.

Then again, one of the things that got me to stop caring enough to find Conan online every day before is still there. In the monologue (and occasionally the sketches as well), I only get about half the pop culture references. I can’t be bothered to follow the careers of celebrities I don’t care about just to get jokes.

Also, this week I saw Drag Me To Hell, which was a quality horror with comedic vibe. I’ll end up buying that one, I would say. The writer or director or someone involved really seems to have an oral fixation, though, that is obvious.

  1. I haven’t seen Conan in years. Once I had an eye doctor who looked a lot like Conan, which was sort of neat. I’m glad that you’re enjoying the new show.

  2. Once I had an eye doctor who looked a lot like Conan

    Heh – one of my professors this year (a GI doctor) looked a lot like Conan.

  3. Maybe they are both Conan clones. Maybe there is a secret army of Conan clones who will slowly take over the medical profession… and then the world.

  4. That would explain a lot. They already have a Conan O’Brien clone in charge of Finland (Tarja Halonen). When it was discovered they brought it up on the show, but if it hadn’t been noticed they probably would have kept it secret from us all along.

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