This week’s distraction that kept me from other things: The Ghostbusters Video Game. Totally worth it. It is awesome to get to be a Ghostbuster. Plus, I got the chance to bust that library ghost woman from the first movie, thus getting her back for creeping out a young PDR in his impressionable youth. Take that, Old Lady!

Now I want someone to make a video game of Filmation’s Ghostbusters as competition for the other one. Then we can fight ghosts in the future as well.


The dead rise from Hell.
Usually, that’s not so great.
But today, it’s cool.

Also, my website is getting a whole bunch of spam coming after it again. I’m certain that this website is among those least useful for advertising things, but apparently I was wrong because I’ve had to shut off comments on a bunch of old posts just to keep up with the spamming. Spam knows better than me, I suppose.

  1. That’s a pretty sweet haiku. Here is my haiku:

    Pat writes a haiku
    it wins a Nobel prize
    the Nobel cool prize

    We also have the Ghostbusters game. It seems pretty good.

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