Super Sunday: Entities from Beyond the Universes

Entities from Beyond the Universes

As a general rule to myself over the course of my years of alien creating, I wanted to keep the alien species I created on a level playing field. The general idea was that they were aliens who would be peers with humanity. But today, I’m going to do aliens that are far beyond our level.

In ancient times when the universes were young, powerful beings came to life beyond them and watched as they grew. One of those beings, now called Thalamaya, saw opportunity in conquering these universe to gain power enough to destroy the other beings and rule all of existence. A cosmic battle was waged, universes were shattered, powerful entities died, but Thalamaya’s plans were slowed, if not stopped. The following beings were enemies of Thalamaya that were banished into physical universes as a punishment for their opposition.


Ynjellek was the being that saw the threat of Thalamaya and united other beings to fight back. When banished to a physical universe, the entity saw all the beings living within and took a liking to them. Devoting itself to protecting the physical lifeforms from various threats from beyond, Ynjellek soon realized that the more power is expended, the more it became a physical entity and lost its powers. Even knowing this, Ynjellek continued to do good deeds until it was weak enough for some Earth-based criminals to capture it. It then played a role in the origin of a superhero called the Noblewoman.


Embarrassed by being defeated by Thalamaya and banished to physical realms, Diashash want nothing more than revenge. In the universe where Diashash is now trapped, it does nothing more than try to gain power, often by possessing living beings and creating mystical cults. Just to make things worse for the universe, Diashash’s powers work strongest on the recently deceased, so raising the dead as possessed cultists is a standard tactic. The ultimate goal is to break free, even if it means shattering the universe.


This being, when banished to physical realms, wound up in the fantasy universe that was home to the Efmons. Unfortunately, this was one of Thalamaya’s strongest beachhead in physical realms. Airlasai, being made up of otherworldly energies, was able to bring magic to the fantasy realm and empower all manner of wizards and mages in the hopes that they would fight Thalamaya’s forces. And while that did actually work out in the long run, long before the battle that banished the Efmons, the denizens of the fantasy realm turned on Airlasai and captured the being, hoping to drain even more power. And there, magically captured in a specially created mountain, Airlasai remains to this day.


Wahered is a mystical being that resembles a cluster of wormholes and can travel from place to place in an instant. Thus, being banished to physical reality is not so limiting. Since the war, Wahered has become less interested in fighting Thalamaya and now is more invested in satisfying its own curiosity about the universe than anything else. Wahered’s presence has been noted by the Pllvmoids, who were inspired toward their own research into wormholes.


Rathuss, being more suited to physical reality than some of the others, was less disoriented when banished there. But uncertain what to do, Rathuss decided to simply go to sleep in outer space. Over the centuries, dust and ice and stuff have accumulated on the entity’s form and it now resembles a small moon. It’s true nature unknown to any who might stumble across it, who could say what would happen if some astronauts happened to land there. Perhaps only time will tell.


Creshmll was an adaptable entity and took to physical reality by becoming more physical. Sadly, this made the entity more susceptible to physical threats and, indeed, the threats succeeded in ending the existence of Creshmll. Still, the “shell of bright” that the being evolved to fight its enemies has been adapted to armour for the likes of Dayguard and thus Creshmll continues the fight against evil.

Super Sunday: The Universes

Okay, so I’m done with the Supernatural Sundays year, and I did a few fill-in things to bring us to the actual end of December. That should make it easier to actually make my annual themes actually last a year. So next week we start the next theme.

This week, I expand on the list of alternate universe begun two years ago. It turns out that four alternate Earths was nowhere near enough to contain me, so I’m going to use the color-scheme names to assign a bunch more for future use.

Universe White

As previously discussed, this is a world with a bunch of superheroes. So far that’s the main thing about it. I consider it to be a more “fun” superhero setting than others below.

Universe Green

This is a world where the things we consider science fiction have been coming true since the late 1800s, so the technology of the 2000s is so advanced that it is like a space opera setting. There are human colonies all over the galaxy and they are in communication with aliens and stuff.

Universe Orange

This is another superhero-packed universe, home especially to all the ones I invented in junior high. There are,if anything, too many superheroes here. I’m rolling with the concept that society has been fundamentally changed by that fact, and there would be much to explore.

Universe Red

This is a dark universe full of cyberpunk dystopias and vampire attacks. It is an Earth on the edge of ruin and still going forward.

Universe Bronze

This is an absurdly broken universe, home to the Hover Head and Space Army comics on this site. Hopefully I shall be revisiting it soon.

Universe Blue

This Earth is the setting for the Secret Government Robots comic and related concepts. This is, for the moment, the Main PDR Universe.

Universe Grey

This is a universe where demons and devils are actively working on acquiring human souls all the time. It’s full of horror stories and bad days.

Universe Purple

This universe is torn to pieces by a whole bunch of time-travelling assholes. History here is constantly being re-written.

Universe Silver

This is the universe where the Space Gods called the Astrolympians hold sway. So far, that is literally the only thing this universe has going on.

Universe Brown

This is an Earth where humanity has had access to magic since way back, so the entire layout is vastly different, but they also still have cars and planes and such. As I described it before, it is a “Shotguns and Sorcery” setting.

And I must reiterate that this is not every universe that has come up in Super Sunday either. For example, the Earth ravaged by the Frankensteingularity would be a separate universe. As would the fantasy world from which the Efmon family and the Old Sage originate. I think it is clear that my original estimation that I could “populate at least four Superhero Universes with characters” has been proven. At this point, I wonder if I even need to bother pumping out some characters on a different alternate Earth every week…

Super Sunday: Efmons 6


And now for my final look into the Efmon family, the bad guy clan I’ve crafted over Supernatural Sunday year. They’re monsterpeople who like their dark master Thalamaya and don’t like anybody who doesn’t like their dark master.

Kriduh Efmon

Kriduh’s skill as a fighter got her through the War alive. Now she teaches the younger generations to also become skilled fighters, so that they might hopefully survive the battles yet to come. This is not an easy task. The nature of the family’s Mutation Ritual means that every child who comes of age will receive a unique form with abilities different from everyone else’s. That means that if some kid winds up in the form of an electric tentacle man, she needs to be able to tell him the best way to utilize that. Still, it needs to be done, so Kriduh keeps up with her own studies, often learning what she needs to know from the libraries of those worlds conquered by her kin.

Bernuck Efmon

Bernuck is the Efmon family’s dopey idiot. Out of all his siblings and cousins and other relations, Bernuck has the dubious honor of being the stupidest. He tries to fit in with his mystical warrior brethren, but he’d honestly rather not bother. If other planets in other universes don’t want to worship Thalamaya, why should he care? It’d be a treasonous thought if anyone bothered to listen to it. But they don’t. Instead, the Efmons try to make use of their big idiot by having him man an satellite outpost orbiting one of their conquered worlds. There, he is supposed to be monitoring lest enemies show up. Instead he sleeps a lot and watches movies. Nobody knows it, but this is the weakest point in the entire Efmon family’s operation multi-dimensional operation.

Super Sunday: Efmons 4


The Efmons were, as I have mentioned before, a family of evil monster people who lost a war and fled to other dimensions.

Thenner Efmon

When the Efmons had to flee, they left behind the rest of their species. Sure, they look human (moreso before their mutation ritual admittedly), but they’re actually a humanlike species that comes from a fantasy universe. This means that they aren’t biologically compatible with the humans on any of the alternate Earths they come across. If they want to have their family line continue, they need to figure how to solve that. Thenner Efmon is in charge of the family’s mystical genetics project. Using the technology they found on one of the alien worlds they’ve conquered, Thenner has begun cloning and gene-splicing experiments that, when combined with the Mutation Ritual that the family already used, could create a horde of Efmon Super Soldiers that would definitely be a bad thing for everyone else.

Kallis Efmon

When Kallis underwent his mutation ritual and turned into a powerful dinosaur-looking guy, he was thrilled. If Thalamaya had deemed him worthy to recieve such power, it must mean that he was destined for great victories in battle. But then the War was fought and the tide turned against Thalamaya’s forces. Kallis took this pretty hard. It seemed like his destiny had been taken away. Still, his service in the war left Kallis a respected member of the family, and he is given a vote in family decisions. Whenever any such decision arises, Kallis always sides with the choice that will lead the family to new battles and new conquests. Even when others were conviced it would be better for the family to slow down and build up their strength, Kallis wants nothing more than to find new worlds to rule, so that he can achieve the destiny he wants more than anything else.

Super Sunday: Efmons 2


Back to the Efmons. As a reminder, this is a family of magically mutated monstermen who serve dark masters as part of a war to conquer the multiverse.

Gervid Efmon

When Gervid was mutated to serve the family’s dark masters, he became a mostly intangible, seemingly indestructible sort of ghost-energy thing. Capable of skulking around and reaching secret locations, Gervid served as the family’s spy and assassin during the war. When the order came to abandon planet, Gervid was far into enemy lines. As they left, the rest of the family assumed he was dead, and when found no trace of them, he assumed they were dead as well. As such, Gervid is the last of the Efmons on their native world, lonely striking out at the forces who opposed them in the war, like some killer spectre striking from the shadows.

Noivel Efmon

Noivel was the first of the Efmon family to be born after the post-war fleeing from their home realm. As her family hid in some desolate world of caves and darkness, licking their wounds and laying low, it was worried that those born away from their home universe would not be able to partake in the mutation ritual, but when the time came, the ritual was tried, and it was successful. Noivel gained a deadly lizardly warrior form. If anything, her mutation was judged more monstrous and powerful than the average Efmon transformation (though not the most powerful of them all). Taking this as a sign that the clan’s best days were still to come, the Efmons were emboldened and began their new plan to conquer to and different worlds in universes as far as they could reach.