Super Sunday: Efmons 6


And now for my final look into the Efmon family, the bad guy clan I’ve crafted over Supernatural Sunday year. They’re monsterpeople who like their dark master Thalamaya and don’t like anybody who doesn’t like their dark master.

Kriduh Efmon

Kriduh’s skill as a fighter got her through the War alive. Now she teaches the younger generations to also become skilled fighters, so that they might hopefully survive the battles yet to come. This is not an easy task. The nature of the family’s Mutation Ritual means that every child who comes of age will receive a unique form with abilities different from everyone else’s. That means that if some kid winds up in the form of an electric tentacle man, she needs to be able to tell him the best way to utilize that. Still, it needs to be done, so Kriduh keeps up with her own studies, often learning what she needs to know from the libraries of those worlds conquered by her kin.

Bernuck Efmon

Bernuck is the Efmon family’s dopey idiot. Out of all his siblings and cousins and other relations, Bernuck has the dubious honor of being the stupidest. He tries to fit in with his mystical warrior brethren, but he’d honestly rather not bother. If other planets in other universes don’t want to worship Thalamaya, why should he care? It’d be a treasonous thought if anyone bothered to listen to it. But they don’t. Instead, the Efmons try to make use of their big idiot by having him man an satellite outpost orbiting one of their conquered worlds. There, he is supposed to be monitoring lest enemies show up. Instead he sleeps a lot and watches movies. Nobody knows it, but this is the weakest point in the entire Efmon family’s operation multi-dimensional operation.

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