Super Sunday: Efmons 4


The Efmons were, as I have mentioned before, a family of evil monster people who lost a war and fled to other dimensions.

Thenner Efmon

When the Efmons had to flee, they left behind the rest of their species. Sure, they look human (moreso before their mutation ritual admittedly), but they’re actually a humanlike species that comes from a fantasy universe. This means that they aren’t biologically compatible with the humans on any of the alternate Earths they come across. If they want to have their family line continue, they need to figure how to solve that. Thenner Efmon is in charge of the family’s mystical genetics project. Using the technology they found on one of the alien worlds they’ve conquered, Thenner has begun cloning and gene-splicing experiments that, when combined with the Mutation Ritual that the family already used, could create a horde of Efmon Super Soldiers that would definitely be a bad thing for everyone else.

Kallis Efmon

When Kallis underwent his mutation ritual and turned into a powerful dinosaur-looking guy, he was thrilled. If Thalamaya had deemed him worthy to recieve such power, it must mean that he was destined for great victories in battle. But then the War was fought and the tide turned against Thalamaya’s forces. Kallis took this pretty hard. It seemed like his destiny had been taken away. Still, his service in the war left Kallis a respected member of the family, and he is given a vote in family decisions. Whenever any such decision arises, Kallis always sides with the choice that will lead the family to new battles and new conquests. Even when others were conviced it would be better for the family to slow down and build up their strength, Kallis wants nothing more than to find new worlds to rule, so that he can achieve the destiny he wants more than anything else.

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