Saw Some Movies

Y’know, I sometimes forget to note the minutia of my life on here, which is insane because that is the ostensible reason for this site’s existence. So here I go:

On each of the previous weekends I saw a movie. First was the Hobbit, which I watched with Kip. Secondly, Django Unchained, which I saw with Marq. If these wind up being the only movies I see this year, I will have had a good year in theatres (That scenario is entirely possible, of course, since I can’t afford to see movies. Those ones were paid for by the fine fellows I was with).


It’s Gandalf Unchained!
Coming soon to cinemas!
But your tickets now!

Apparently a local theatre recently had an incident in which a man stood up during a screening of Django and began yelling at the audience calling them sinners and such. According to what I read there were about twenty minutes left at this point. The way I see it, the timing of the outburst makes it much worse for both sides. By this late in the show, the audience really paying attention to the thing. We’re talking the climax here. An interruption at that point is not going to be well received at all. And if the guy wanted to get his message out not to watch the movie, he should have done it much earlier, so that they would have time to get out. Man, I would be so much better at creating a scene in a movie theatre than that guy.

Sorry for ruining art, everybody

Well, I feel I must apologize for destroying art. As shown above, the paintings I made this year are actually hanging in an art gallery. Sorry everybody. Sorry art. Look, they’ve got little things with the names on them and everything:

It’s educational for me, though (and not only because I learned how easy it is to besmirch the concept of art). As for the medium of my works, it turns out that it is “tempera” which does, I admit, sound fancier than Crayola watercolors.

Thanks to Marq for the photos.

A story about my phone

On Monday I dropped my phone on the way to class. I use my phone to get into my apartment building, so I didn’t notice until I got home. Inconvenient. Luckily the phone was discovered by some folk who bothered to get in touch with the person I had texted most recently: Marq. With his help the people got my phone back to me and all was well.

Reviewing the texts between Marq and the helpful people I learn that when they first contacted Marq and told them they had found a phone, he saw that I it was my number and assumed it was me being a dumbass. This is the correct response, because Marq knows me.

On the back of my phone there is a little cover that goes over the battery. Every time I drop the phone it falls off, so I was not surprised that when I got the phone back it was missing. I rigged up a little duct tape replacement for the cover and was content with that. On my way to class on Tuesday, though, I found the cover untouched on the sidewalk. It wasn’t even covered with leaves or anything. My phone was whole again.

That is my story about my phone.

Technical Difficulties, Please Stand By…

Hi, this is Marq here. Pat asked me to throw up a SecGov Single that I did up using my brand new drawing tablet (at the time), only now that I’ve procrastinated and decided I could find it the night before WHILE AT WORK (the paying job, that is), seems I cannot locate it. BUT, here is a preview of the first panel without word balloons:

Another Cyril Thing

Don’t you just love those eye-gougingly garish colours?! I guess I’ll have to throw the comic up when I get home. Sorry for the delay, every(three)body. Alright, Marq out.