Coming Not Soon Enough

So I said to Marq: “I bet I could convince a kid that hippos are just female rhinos.”

Though I only meant that I’d trick the kid for a conversation or so, he proceeded to plot out a brilliant scheme in which a billionaire might be able to raise a child in such a manner as to think this fact was true. He then took that to its logical conclusion: At some point, this victim would realize that something was up, and would try to escape. I decided that this is the best idea for a movie I’ve ever seen.

Just imagine it! An action-packed thrill-ride of our young protagonist careens from chase scene to chase scene, swordfights through exotic locales, and tracks down every lead to find out the truth that has been hidden so long. The truth that hippos are not just female rhinos.

Okay, Hollywood. We’re ready for millions.

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