Latest Computron Problem

Today my computer got a virus. It was pretty minor affair compared to the last virus attack I had to put up with. The virus cleverly tried telling me that I had viruses and that I should download something to fight them. No doubt if I had I’d be in worse shape than I am now. But I recognized that since last time I’ve been paying for the full AVG-anti-virus software and that it should be enough to take care of anything. So I ran that scan in safe mode and it took care of things.

Of course doing that took a bunch of time I’d have preferred to spend on other things. Computer viruses are stupid.

May Ninth Comics.

Only one page of Secret Government Robots today:

I have a Little Choy comic over here:

And over here, Phone Guys:

There was meant to be another strip today, but my computer just froze up on me and I lost all the work I’d done on it. I guess it is partially my own fault for not saving even once, but it should not be forgotten that the computer froze up, not me. Man, my Computron Rex has so many bizarre and unusual problems I forgot that something as mundane as freezing up was a thing that could even still happen to computers. Oh well. I don’t feel like starting the strip over, so I’ll save it for next week instead.

Computron Toubles…

In the past hour my laptop has gone to a blue error screen four times. Suddenly and without warnings. This is pretty much a terrible thing. I do not want to lose another computer. I have already begun backing things up. If I disappear for some days, this will be why. Let us hope it doesn’t come to that, but the computer has not even been staying alive long enough to finish a virus scan. Not ideal.

A Little Later: I successfully did a system restore deal. Let’s hope that helps. Now I’ll try the virus scan thing again. I mean, it scans daily anyway, but it is worth a shot.

A Little More Later: I was just urinating and I could hear the person in the apartment above me also urinating! What are the odds that I, with my non-normal living schedule and whoever that is would just so happen to need to urinate at the same time? Man, coincidence can be astounding sometimes. Who is even awake at four thirty in the morning aside from me?

More More Later: Well, my scan is complete without having found anything yet and it has been over an hour of successful computer running. I should get some sleep, but I will do at least one more update when I wake up. Here’s hoping all is well.

A Lot More Later: Well, the computer remains alive leaving me much relieved and wondering just that was all about.

2010 Ender

And suddenly another year is gone. Too fast to be properly appreciated and the new one will likely wind up the same way. Everyone be sure to light a candle so that the Dark Lord Char’Nagh can see properly as he makes his rounds this year-end.

I feel that 2010 was a pretty decent year. Granted, I may just be feeling that way because the last few weeks have been pretty nice and the rest of the year was just mediocre. I mean, I’m poorer than ever and I didn’t get to do any travelling whatsoever in 2010, but hey, at least I didn’t have a computer die on me like in stupid 2009. I’m getting comic strips done at a rate that I’ve probably not met since the death of Contains2.

2011 however is going to be the year for the Book of PDR and its related endeavours. I will make this true. So bring it on!

I, once again, fail to be good at using computers.

Okay so, three nights in a row now my wireless internet connection has been off when I get home from work and I need to unplug the router for a few seconds to rebootify it. This, I say, is less than ideal. If it were to happen while I were here I could easily remedy it, but when I am away my computer has important computations to do and I am not there to fix it those computations don’t get done.

I wonder if this means I have to buy a new wireless router or if the problem is of some other nature.

It sucks being pretty much clueless about technology.