Room for Rent

So I have just now posted an add on Kijiji advertising that I could use a roommate. I’ve never had a roommate that was someone I didn’t know, but my monetary situation isn’t going to heal itself without some kind of help. I figure I’ll help out someone who is trying to get one of those educations that there are. At least that way I’ll feel like I’m helping someone, right?

Also worth noting: Kijiji did not allow me to describe myself as an “anti-social prick”. What manner of police-state censorship society are we living in over here? I had to call myself an “anti-social jerk” instead, which isn’t nearly as accurate.

  1. You really know how to sell yourself.

      • I wonder if priiick would have worked…

        Commented: Marq (on )
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  2. Okay, for posterity I should mention that the ad worked very quickly. I now have a roommate. With some slack on the rent, and some unfortunate increase in hours at work coming, here’s hoping I’ve hit my financial nadir and it is all uphill from here.

    • No, Marq has abandoned me. Now I have to live with people I don’t know for the first time since I lived with my family.

      • About that: they’re going to have to go through the office all official like, right? So they can actually get into the building they live in, right? I bet my swipe don’t work no more, but I still have an extra key…

        Commented: Marq (on )
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  3. Shoulda called yourself an anti-social prig!

      • Okay, there are options. But nothing quite fits my mental image of myself as well as “anti-social prick”.

        Commented: PDR (on )
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      • I’ve seen that image and I could have sworn it was a portrait of PDR himself…

        Commented: Marq (on )
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      • C’mon man, I gots way more chest hair than that sketch.

        Commented: PDR (on )
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