Was PDR Packing? Perhaps.

As I left the elevator, two young men were getting on. As I proceeded across the lobby I heard one of them say something along the lines of “Did you see that? That guy was packing!” and I don’t know what that was about.

  • “Packing heat?” I was unarmed. Perhaps it was just one of those trenchcoat stereotype things?
  • “Packing wood?” I had no erection. Perhaps my pants bunched up to make it look like I did?
  • “Packing a lunch?” I didn’t have any food. Perhaps the guy smelled food and assume I was making lunch for myself?
  • “Packing on the pounds?” No more so than usual. Perhaps that guy saw me a lot when I was really thin and has not seen me since?
  • “Packing more than you bargained for?” I don’t think I am. Perhaps I am?
  • “Packing for a trip?” I had no luggage. Perhaps the fact I was walking was equated with travelling in that dude’s head and he assumed I was preparing to leave?
  • “Packing fudge?” I was not engaging in homosexual intercourse. Perhaps sometimes when I get off elevators I look like I’m doing gay sex?
  • “Packing the buck?” The word is supposed to be passing. Perhaps that guy doesn’t know idioms well?
  • “Packing peanuts?” I am not made from styrofoam. Perhaps I look like I would keep valuables safe during shipping?
  • “Packing smashers?” I don’t think that means anything. Perhaps that means something?

So anyway, I don’t know what’s up, but I might be packing. Just… keep that in mind.

I Am Rich

I now have a Visa Platinum Travel card, which I assume means that I am a rich person. Go me. I assure you all that I will use my new found wealth and privilege only for good and probably for buying DVDs and books. Probably.

Hey, I’ve noticed that a lot of the time when I try to type the word “you” I will type the word “toy” which might be because the letters make a similar pattern on a keyboard, but might it not also be because because I see all people who aren’t myself as mere playthings? Interesting.

Hey, I’m totally about to fail at Novel Writing Month. I mean, after all I did say “when” I fail and not “if” I fail in the old post. It is not a good sign that I want to write and totally don’t do it. I can try to lay the blame on how I didn’t care about that story, but the lack of discipline and the short attention span are pretty much the real blame. Also, more legitimately I began to resent the story because it was keeping me from doing a new level of Adventure Dennis or a Hover Head comic. Sigh.

And finally, man, the Super Readers are idiots. And also, what the chunks is with wolves blowing houses down? When and why did someone decide that wolves are good at blowing things over? Honestly?


I saw a commercial the other day for Cadbury Eggs that played off their usual Easter Bunny commercials by saying that there is Another Bunny who delivers eggs the rest of the year. I find this unfair. If you are going to make the Easter Bunny a part of your advertising campaign, you don’t get to just make some other bunny because you realize it only works on a seasonal basis.

I… have strong opinions about advertising?

Oh well, it seems a worthy complement to my recent post about the spam. Of which I am still getting lots. It is not cool. At least television commercials are a small part of my life what with watching most television online. Plus as grating as they can be at least they aren’t as bizarrely pointless as this spam I’ve been getting. That said, I got one the other day with the (I assume randomly generated) poster name “Plornt” and that name amuses me.

In other television commercial news, a while back I saw a commercial for crackers, right? You know crackers. The commercial had the song “Raise A Little Hell” by Trooper. Someone, some advertising dude, was all like “You know what song is appropriate for a commercial about putting crackers in soup? ‘Raise A Little Hell’ by Trooper.” and there was nobody around who said “Wait, really?”

Spam Go Away Please!

I just had to clear over 130 spam comments from the Book of PDR. What the chunks? Why so much? I’ve been disabling comments on posts that seemed to be getting the most, but the comments keep coming. They’re really making me challenge my belief that robots are cool.

Apart from that, not much. I am several days behind on my attempt at bad novel writing and I shall go work there instead of here.

I’m a Magazine Star.

In the upper right hand corner, behind the other people? That’s me. Also, my friends Terry and Buffy are there and a friend we met in our travels who is actually responsible for us all being in this magazine. And I totally rode one of those camels too. That is, of course, from my trip to the China. Who can say what other things I have done have turned up in magazines without me ever knowing? I think maybe it should be my goal to get into a magazine on every continent. That would be swell.

In other news, I really have to wonder about the quality of the spam comments that try to get onto my site sometimes. I’m going through them as I speak and I’ve got one here that has no links and consists only of text saying “Comment1” which is hardly going to get people to know which erection pills to buy. I can only assume that the robots who do this spamming know their job better than I do, but it seems pointless. Even more pointless than thinking someone would be on my page to click the spam links if it had been included.