Break’s Broken

So it’s back to school tomorrow. I feel like this is going to be a very busy couple of months. I guess that if dumbass stupid moron kids can do it every year, someone awesome and coolsmart like me should do alright, though. Right? This is jest, of course, but I did kinda get through my first semester with a feeling that I can half-ass it and still do alright. Here’s hoping this second semester doesn’t shatter that illusion. Anyway, hopefully I won’t be too distracted from the site during that time.


Spaceships are not real.
It’s all a Communist lie.
There ain’t no spaceships.

Also, we’ve got our first real stickaround snowfall in the city for this Winter. So now I’ll be trudgin’ through that on my way to school. Just great. Just great.

Also, I need to mention this: My Internet is getting so slow. I have no idea why, but for months it’s been getting slower and slower and now it’s just painful. I don’t know who I’m supposed to punch to fix it, so if anyone knows, just fill me in.

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