Oh Chute

I wrote an exam tonight. Only three left. I’m sure I’ve already said this, but I don’t like exams. They’re my least favorite part of school, and they’re all I gots left. One thing, though, I think that my chronic procrastination during the school year has made me a little better of whipping together an essay on the spot during an exam. I’m not saying I did particularly well (I need more than an hour to write a decent essay), but I did better than I might have without a year of procrastinatory practice.

Anyway, a new thing to add to my list of things I’d do if I were rich: Take classes at university and just not show up to the exams because I don’t even care because I’m rich.


The king has been born.
Long live the king! Three years pass:
The king is a jerk.

In other news, I have watched Game of Thrones. I watched it. Are you happy now society? I said I’d watch it and I did. Now I only have about a million other super hit shows that I am supposed to catch up on.

In other other news, it is snowing outside. What the chunks! Stop that!

In still other other news, my apartment building has this chute by the elevator down which we are to dump garbage bags. Recyclables and compost and stuff goes down to the basement, but garbage bags go down the chute. It is pretty conventient. But as of Monday that chute will no longer be in use. The garbage has to go down to the basement too. It’s not really that inconvenient, I still don’t have to worry about “garbage day” like some chump homeowner, but I will miss the chute.

  1. So how much of Game of Thrones have you watched? I watch it myself but I know I would have got confused easily without having read the books and learned who is who without the back pages showing who is who in each of the many, many houses.

    • I have seen it all to date. And while I don’t deny there is a lot of characters and plot going on, I think I’ve got a handle on it.

  2. There will be new characters to get a handle on eventually. Also, when will you finish your last exam?

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