PDR Sells Out!

Well, we have a space for advertising on the Book of PDR now. Over in the sidebar, under the menu, I’m sure you can see it. I had resisted doing such a thing because it is sort of ridiculous, but now I’ve done it anyway. Isn’t that a great story? It sure is. The bottom line is that it would be cool to make any amount of money, no matter how small, from this website, seeing as it is one of the main things I enjoy in life. It may be a long while before you actually see any ad there, though, since I don’t get a lot of hits to this site and people probably prefer to advertise in places that do.


In a world of pie.
One man must learn about love
And eat all the pie.

Here’s a terrible idea for a video game: The alien bad guys are summoning their armies through a Star Portal Machine that you destroy in the first level. After that you just have to kill the hordes that have already made it through, so there is constantly fewer dudes. As the levels go on they just keep getting easier and easier because there isn’t many bad guys left. The final level is just you leading an army against the one alien left who is just scared and hiding. It’ll be easy, but think of the sense of power you’d get. You’d be like, a really terrible guy!

Bits of Stuff

Okay, I can’t really think of anything to talk about today, so I’ll just say what’s going on. Marq has added a dropdown menu to the sidebar there (—> There) that will let one navigate through the various Secret Government Robot story arcs. That will help anyone who actually has cause to look through the stories.

In related news, later this month I plan on adding SecGov updates to Saturdays. I’m currently just ahead of schedule enough to delude myself into thinking that this’ll work. It’ll probably be rough at first, but it will allow me to get through the stories that much quicker. I would be doing a page a day if I could keep up with the pace.


The sun sets on Mars.
The Martians watch with delight.
Nothing else to do.

Anyway, as I said, I don’t have much else to say. I’ve got five minutes until I have to start getting ready for work… Gotta think of something to say… uh… Giant Enormous Face Eats The Train And Dies!

So… That’s what I said. Can’t take it back now. And I gotta go.

Skeet’s Asteroid

Okay, so, the first SecGov page to be put up in the new fashion is up there. For now I’m thinking that I’ll be scheduling SecGovs to go up on Tuesdays and Thursdays and then we’ll see how that works. Still a work in progress all this, but we’re doing our best. Or at least our not worst.

Anyway, here’s a story:

Dr. Skeet Bonzo studied asteroids. But one day, through no fault of his own, just pure dumb chance, one of the asteroids he studied crashed into Skeet’s car. Skeet, who had been in an appliance store when the car had been destroyed, recognized the asteroid even after the impact. “Why, that’s BF2990P” he exclaimed as saw the wreckage. And then he realized something that sent a shiver down his spine: That asteroid’s designation was the same as the license plate number of the car it had just destroyed. “I never noticed that one of the asteroids had the same number as my license plate because I dealt with so many asteroids,” he said to some kid who had wandered to see the damage up but didn’t actually care what Skeet had to say. Skeet, for a moment, was so amazed by the coincidence that he was dumbstuck. “The odds of that asteroid hitting that car were astronomical! I can’t believe that it happened!” but Skeet fought off thoughts he considered unscientific by rationalizing it, noting that the asteroid’s designation existed only as a thing given to it by the scientists, and was not an actual property of the asteroid itself. And besides, given the vast amount of time for coincidences to occur in, they are more likely to. Anyway, because his car had been crushed, Skeet had to walk home carrying the microwave he had just bought. On the way he was mugged and shot. The mugger ran away and, as he lay dying, Skeet happened to notice that the serial number on the microwave was “BF2990P”. With that, Skeet said “Well, that’s just stupid. I’m glad to be getting out of here” and died. Skeet’s fellow scientists decided to pay their respects to Skeet by naming an asteroid after him. A year later that very asteroid came crashing to Earth, hitting an apartment building and destroying one apartment. What apartment? Specifically apartment number BF2990P. And the resident of that apartment who was killed at that time? The very criminal who had killed Skeet and who, by sheer coincidence alone had also been named Skeet Bonzo. Suffice it to say, when they met up as ghosts they all had a good laugh.

Anyway, that’s it for today. I gotta go. In the meantime, I wonder what would be involved, legally, in arranging to get my skull encased in amber when I’m dead…

January 16th Phone Guys

Now, I’m only giving you Phone Guys today, but that is because we’re changing how we do things. The SecGov comics will now be appearing more than once a week and Mondays will be for other comics like Phone Guys, Little Choys and anything else I want. The SecGov stuff will have a permanent place at the top of the page, with posts like this below, like if this was a proper webcomic site. Sure, people might miss out on new posts if they don’t scroll down past the comic, but I can’t help everything, people. Anyway, should be SecGov up tomorrow if all goes well.

Secret Upgrade

Regular viewers of this site will notice that absolutely nothing is different. The menu to the right has always been there and the banner at the top is obviously not a smaller and more colorful replacement for an older banner. And there sure aren’t another other changes both cosmetic and functional designed to bring the Book of PDR into the new year all fancy and new. But somehow I still feel like thanking Marq for it.

In other news, while I wrote this I ate a pita bread with peanut butter and banana slices on it and I’m pretty sure that combination should be called a PDRPBBNP in the future. (Obviously that stands for PDR Peanut Butter, Banana ’n Pita. I’m not spelling it out to imply anyone is stupid, but I figure someday aliens will read this and I want them to have proper context.)