Monday Nov. 28th? Must be comics.

Hey, I’m not on my correct sleeping schedule. It’s annoying. In other news, here’s today’s comics:

First up, Secret Government Robots (now containing more humans than usual):

And then there’s Phone Guys (with the exact same number of humans as usual):

I’m sure we can all sleep better now that we have an explanation for why those two are bald. Speaking of which, I guess I should try to get some sleep or something.

Snow Duck

Made at 4:30 in the morning in the Halifax Commons while listening to Led Zeppelin. Because if I didn’t do it, who would?

The Drug Store

From 2004 apparently. An unapologetically stupid video we created by recording the ad-libbed dialogue first and then acting it out to match what we had said.

Hah! They both know he can’t read!

Canada hates the Illiterates. Canada has been at war with the people of Illitria for decades and shows no sign of slowing its genocidal rage. Or something. Whatever.

Anyway, this time we’ve got a confrontation between this one teacher and the school trustees who don’t like how she is teaching the kids to read. This one guy is really upset, so the teacher asks him to read something (“It is from the Bible.”) that his kid had read. But the guy is shamed into admitting he can’t read. One of his fellow trustees is just gleefully pleased about it too. “Why don’t you just READ it then?” he says, just totally sarcasming his ass off. We never really get to see what happens next, because they all turn into a painting, but if they hadn’t I guess we’re expected to assume that he was shown his place and learned to respect the opinions of others who know more about the subject at hand than he does. The other possibility is that he was so embarrassed that he ended up lashing out at everyone in a hateful, and possibly violent, outburst.

For that matter, we’re never told what the teaching methods the trustees had a problem with either. For all I know, that teacher could be a horrible one and the trustees could have been fully justified. “If they read a word incorrectly, I stab their hands so they associate it with pain. When the read a word correctly, I administer the cocaine!” We don’t know. This commercial could be a tragedy.

Four and a Half out of Six Pieces of PDR’s Reviewing System Cake. This Heritage Minute does feel pretty iconic as far as my opinion of the Heritage Minutes is concerned. “Both of you know I cannot read a word” is a good quotable line, though I can’t think of a million places to use it in everyday life. Unless two people are asking you to read something I guess…