It’s the Little Things…

I suppose I should get around to writing down some of my thoughts about last weekend’s trip. Some of the minor difference I noticed between New York and Halifax:

In New York, the pigeons have a wider array of color. Here they are mostly blue and grey with the occasional that looks a little paler than the rest, but in Manhattan I saw various shades of brown and even some greys that came close to being black. Pigeon diversity. Also, I don’t remember seeing much in the way of crows. We have lots of crows here.

In New York if I happen to bump into someone in the street, I don’t have to apologize because by the time I’ve turned enough to see them they’re out of earshot. I guess people just walk into each other all day there and they’re all desensitized. But seeing as I am more comfortable if I do apologize, maybe next time I’m there I will chase after anyone I bump into and force them to hear me.

Continuing the theme of walking the streets, in New York the WALK and DON’T WALK signals actually mean WALK BUT YOU MIGHT STILL GET HIT and SEE IF YOU CAN’T FIT BETWEEN THOSE TWO CARS respectively.

And stuff like that, I don’t know. I’m not a travel guide. I will say this, as I traveled around the southern half of Manhattan, I saw more trees than I would have expected the city to have based on its reputation.

In the meantime, we’re getting snow again. What is that about? Someone needs to tell Mother Nature to get a calendar.

Improper Use of Daylight

I am home from that trip to that city I went to. I have to say, I was pretty underwhelmed. And I mean that in the best way possible. I was led to believe by some people that I would be overwhelmed and out of my element and all that, but I felt totally at home as I wandered the streets of Manhattan. It was a cool town and I hope to make it back someday when I have more than two nights to do my wanderings. I really like that place. It now has PDR approval.

I’ll go into further details throughout the week as right now, I want some sleep. The most disappointing thing about my visit was the fact I was asleep by eleven both nights. Most days here I am barely AWAKE by eleven in the nighttime. And I was waking up around dawn. It was so diurnal that it made me feel wrong.


One thing that sucks: When you bite into something and it turns out to be crunchy, but you didn’t think it would be. I don’t know, like, ice cream or something. You’re expecting a regular dose of soft serve and suddenly your teeth are crushing something. No, this has not happened to me. I just thought of it for some reason. If it does happen to me soon, this paragraph proves that I am psychic.


Hamburger tango!
Can you not feel the glory?
Today is Friday.

My Internet is running slowly just now. I wonder if twenty thousand doctors are all trying to log onto the Internet at once for medical advice about some sudden epidemic of a disease where people’s hair has nerve endings in it. That would cause Internet slowdown.

Anyway, that’s it until I’m back from the New York.

Soon I Go Away

I go on a trip to New York City on Friday! As I pointed out to Marq, if we consider New York to be the underworld I am going there on Good Friday and returning on Easter Sunday. I’m just saying is all.


I am not Jesus.
If I was I’d have powers.
Wish I had powers…

I have never been outside of Canada’s borders, so this will be a first. Also, I will get to miss a day of work. I never have a problem with that.

On the plus side: Eyepatch.

I had this dream today where they were bringing back Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but I had to play Xander. I didn’t really want to play Xander, and the rest of the cast didn’t really want me to play Xander and we all knew that the fans of the show would hate that I was playing Xander instead of the real Xander guy, but for some reason I HAD to play Xander. The dream was just this one really awkward table-read of the script.

That said, if I were ever to be an actor on some kind of superhero show I surely would end up in the role of the doofy, somewhat dumb everyman-representing sidekick. It’s just what I do.