Open For Business

Okay, I just officially announced this thing on the “Parent Company Website.” That means, I’ll have to figure out how I’m doing the Articles here soon. But not too soon, because I have to go to work. Which I’m not loving.


Robot from the Mars.
He can fly and hover a bit.
I wish he my friend.

Though Marq, my roommate, and I don’t pay for cable, we seem to get the channel Global in perfectly clear. Marq says he hates their news. I can’t remember what they play. I know the Simpsons are on there and the Daily Show isn’t. Hmmmm. I guess I’ll continue not caring.

  1. Hey, Good show old man. Congrats on the site. It’s looks stunning. I especially like the use of the lower-case “r” in the title!!!
    Hey I’m going to China in Sept. you must come and visit if you are in the area.

  2. Terry! The lower case “r” was not my doing, that was Marq. And I don’t expect I’ll be around China any time soon, so you dang well better hang out before you go.

  3. I told you people would understand the lowercase “r” …

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