I’ve heard that you can tell a lot about someone from their shoes. On the bus home today, I saw this guy whose shoes had both laces and velcro. The laces were tied but the velcro straps were hanging open. I don’t know what that is supposed to tell me about that guy.

As for my own shoes, I have two pairs. My steel-toes ones, black and all beat-up and stuff. And my other ones, black but with cool bright green laces. What does that tell you about me? I couldn’t begin to guess. I think whoever made that saying was an expert on shoes. He’d be able to tell minor things that a layman like myself cannot, and a moron like yourself also cannot.

For the record, my current work schedule is supposed to be Wednesday, Thursday and Friday day shifts, night shifts on Saturday and Sunday and Monday and Tuesday off. Now, while this Tuesday I had to work, I generally have been doing well with this schedule.

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