I Don’t Like My Job

This is something I’ll be bringing up pretty regularly, so I’ll go into detail this time. I don’t want to go to work today. See, for a living, I run machinery that puts together the local newspaper. Most significantly is the adding of fliers to the paper, like for grocery stores and stuff. I don’t particularly enjoy doing it.

It’s not just the fact that I find it boring. Nor the fact that I find it pointless. It isn’t just that I wish I didn’t have to do menial tasks to pay rent and it isn’t just my un-capitalistic opinions against the stores I advertise for. It’s not just that I work several days and several nights each week leaving my body no time to get on a regular schedule and it isn’t just that a few months ago the company moved way outside the city making it hard for me to get to and from work. And it isn’t just the sheer amount of redundant paperwork that has to be done each day, nor the multiple supervisors who want so badly to save money that they don’t care about anything but money. It’s not the coworkers who think they’re too good to work hard, so they don’t but we can’t fire them because we need the staff, and it’s not the depressing coworkers who think the job is actually significant and have in one case even told their spouse that the job is more important that spending time with them. It’s not even just the coworkers who actually want to make themselves look more important and do so by blaming anything that goes wrong on someone else, creating all sorts of arguments among the higher-ups that I’m required to pretend to care about. And it isn’t just the fact that I’m nearing four years at a job that I don’t want and seeing my life in no better place for it. And it isn’t just the large amount of time I spend in preparing for work, going to work, being at work, returning at work and wishing I didn’t have to go to work again. No, it’s all that stuff put together. That’s why I don’t want to go to work.

Why haven’t I quit? Well, I used to go through jobs at about six-months a piece. And about that many months into this job was when my first promotion thing kicked in. And since then I’ve had promotions and raises at semi-regular intervals keeping me willing to see it out a bit longer. And now that I have to pay rent, I’ve fallen into the trap that all of us find ourselves in because of society’s economic basis. If I were to get another job, I probably wouldn’t be making as much, so I might as well stick where I’ve got security and cash.

This is one of the top three reasons I have an empty, unhappy soul. WHOOO!

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