Super Sunday: Xemulos


The Xemulos of planet Erretaz are a species with four legs, fur, hooves, and tails. Their society is still fairly primitive by our human standards, they tend to live in herds that gather around watering holes on their fairly arid world without shelter and with little tool use. In spite of their resemblance to Earth animals such as horses or donkeys, their actual biological processes are more similar to what we’d call a reptilian style. Xemulos do speak vocal languages, all of them being tonal in nature, but more important to the meaning is the position of the ears while they speak.

Brrai is part of the leading unit of a herd. The leaders are generally the healthiest specimens of the herd, those who can lead and bear the risk of any danger that may strike from the front. They decide when and where the herd must go, they meet with the representatives of other herds, and they fight when necessary. That is rare, though, so most, including Brrai, have never resorted to violence. It’s much easier to run, after all.

Eabrur is addicted to Unnhurf, which is a fruit that Xemulos gather and store in such a way that it becomes intoxicating to them. Most Xemulos will just have Unnhurf as a celebratory thing, but those with addictive personalities, like Eabrur, can develop problems with it. Eabrur’s addiction has caused problems in the herd, with Eabrur lashing out at friends and family when they try to help.

Rhodit is part of a herd that is atypically nocturnal. In their region, the weather can be hotter than most of the rest of the world so they have adapted by taking shelter in cool caves during the day and coming out to eat at night. Rhodit is more territorial than most Xemulos and actually has claimed ownership of a preferred section of the cave. If it were possible to go without food, Rhodit would be perfectly happy never to leave the cave.

A Fact About Xemulos: A species of flea-like insectoid-creature has evolved to live off of Xemulos. They are mostly harmless, though annoying, to their hosts, and since the vast majority of Xemulos are infested with them, they don’t even realize how much better they’d be without them. The exception is a population of Xemulos on a secluded island who live with a species of flying animal that grooms the Xemulos by eating the parasites off them.

Universe: Indigo

Super Sunday: Zunkpork


A largely humanoid species that evolved in a planet in a distant galaxy, the Zunkpork has developed technology capable of backing up their memories into computers, then growing new cloned bodies to house those memories when one of them dies. The clones are not considered to be the original person reborn, but is seen as a new person with the same memories. Numbers are assigned to the names of the new clones to designate how far down the line they are. No natural reproduction continues for the species any longer.

The Zunkpork have also spread into space and explored their galaxy, conquering some smaller species and forcing them to live under the rule of the Zunkpork Empire. The Zunkpork Empire was glimpsed in one Space Army comic, and then again when Little Choy insulted one of them, as is his wont.

Jogday 22 works in the Zunkpork Empire’s communications department. With an Empire that spans many planets, it is important to keep contact if the Emperor’s rules are going to be followed. Jogday simply does not care. Jogday will neglect to send important messages, will make up messages that were never sent, and in one case even posed as the Emperor and had Zunkpork forces evacuate a colonized planet just so they would stop sending messages. If anyone ever found out about any of this, Jogday would be punished. Luckily, nobody who investigates the problems ever seems to get the results of their inquiries.

Coquine 7, as can be judged by the single-digit number, is a survivor. Only six Coquines have died since the backup technology was invented, and every one has lived a fulfilling life. While not a bad person, Coquine has let this inflate their ego a bit, and does boast about survival skills and longevity to others. Ironically, this has led more than one person to daydream about killing Coquine just to prove a point, though luckily none have let this gone beyond fantasy. So far, anyway…

Stosus 46 lives in the shadow of predecessor Stosus 45. 45 was a criminal, executed for their crimes, but because of the rules of Zunkpork society, that did not prevent a clone from being made. Though 46 is considered another, different individual, all of 45’s memories are still in there. 46 definitely remembers the thrill of living as a criminal, but does not actually want to repeat the mistakes. But still, others look at Stosus and remember the last one they encountered, who was not quite as nice, and treat Stosus accordingly. With acquaintances like these, it isn’t easy to keep on the right track.

A Fact About the Zunkpork: Though they may look spongy or flabby, Zunkpork’s skin is actually hard like crystal and quite cool to the touch. If shattered, their skin takes a very long time to heal.

Universe: Bronze

Super Sunday: Pllvmoids


Like the Pllvm, the Pllvmoids are a species of water-dwelling beings that live in the oceans beneath the icy surface of a world. Unlike the Pllvm, the Pllvmoids are a race that has never known war or hatred. We’d consider them childlike, as they are full of curiosity and general good will for others. But that innocent spirit we’d call naivete has served them well, though, as their peaceful existence of seeking knowledge has helped them develop very advanced technology. They have established orbital space stations around their world, but more research has been put into travelling with wormholes.

Pllvmoids have six flexible tentacles and a tail that is less flexible. They also have three eyes. The Pllvmoids don’t have a sound-based language of their own, but for the sake of this post, I will use the names they’d take if they spoke the Pllvm language. I’m sure that’ll make it easier for everyone.

Glibbuvar is one of the scientists working on the Pllvmoid’s wormhole technology, and was the first to visit the Pllvm homeworld when they made contact there. Though contact with the Pllvm was pleasant enough, that was because they met with a small community. When Glibbuvar learned of the corruption that exists in other parts of that world, it was quite a shock. The Pllvmoids now debate the merits of returning to the Pllvm homeworld and trying to help clean them up.

Blrvn Vxs is an astronaut on board one of the Pllvmoid space stations and is personally in charge of maintaining the correct chemical balance in the water there, which is done with the aid of biotechnology. Pllvmoids breathe oxygen and give off carbon dioxide, for example, so Blrvn cultivates a sort of plantlike creature that takes in the carbon dioxide and gives off oxygen at a rate sufficient to be useful. Blrvn prefers the company of such creatures to that of other Pllvmoids, so a position on a space station is somewhat ideal.

Having no form of writing to record information, before the development of technology that could store data, the Pllvmoids memorized complex dances that told the history of their world. These dances are being forgotten as those who knew them die off, but Gunsag Way is devoted to recording as many of them, from around the world as possible.

A Fact About Pllvmoids: All food that Pllvmoids eat is raw, much of it still living.

Universe: Red

I said somewhere on here that I meant for the Pllvm to be as common in the multiverse as humans, so it seems appropriate to me that there would be a species out there that looks like the Pllvm with minor changes to their face, since we see so many aliens that are just humans with different faces. Still, I’ve also given these guys fewer limbs and a different skin color than the Pllvm, but the idea remains.

Super Sunday: The Lehss

The Lehss

Last year at the end of August I provided the Pllvm, a species that exist in multiple alternate universes, just to show that humanity weren’t the only ones that get that privilege. Well, this week I’m doing it again with another multiversal species.

Living on various alternate worlds called Tefd, the Lehss are a race of six-legged, shelled creatures with a single large eye and two arm-like limbs with manipulating digits. On all these worlds they are a slow, ponderous species that devote a lot of their lives to philosophical thought experiments. Their society is loosely knit, they spend a lot of time alone, but close together in tunnels near the planet’s shores (the planet has few large continents, but many, many small islands). None of these alternate versions of the Lehss have developed any form of music.

Yab Dag is a star mapper. Many of the Lehss are convinced that there is some way to divine important things in the motions of the stars, so Yab Dag has painstakingly created charts of their movements for years and carved the findings onto cave walls. Though, in that time, Yab Dag has grown less certain that there is actually any meaning in the movement of the celestial bodies, it is still pleasant work that seems like it could be potentially useful someday, so Yab Dag enjoys it.

Universe: Green

Dipwut is a drug addict. On this version of Tefd, there grows a hallucinogenic plant that the Lehss have taken to using to go on “mind journeys”. Dipwut has gone on such journeys many times, preferring the space in imagination over the harsher real world. Sadly, the more Dipwut tries to take the drug, the greater their tolerance for it, and then the greater the need for more. If Dipwut is going to continue using this escape from reality, they may need to start doing underhanded things to get their hands on the drug.

Universe: Red

Mak is a designer of puzzles and riddles. This is a risky occupation, because if your riddles are too easy, nobody cares, and if they are too hard your customers may believe you have given them a puzzle without an answer, which is a great crime among the Lehss. Mak specializes in the thought experiments that are provided to the young to educate them, which is less risky because the adults will be able to confirm that there is a true answer, but Mak really desires to create complex riddles that would stump even experts. For now Mak keeps those riddles in mind, perhaps to be revealed one day when the time is right.

Universe: White

Ebo Ebo is a wizard. On this version of Tefd, dark magics have been unlocked by the Lehss, and they use them to enhance their lives, but sometimes at great personal risk. The use of magic on this world has attracted certain spirits from beyond that want to toy with the species that presumes it understands the magic. Ebo Ebo has been tempted and tricked by these spirits, but has learned from those mistakes and is now one of the foremost protectors against those beings.

Universe: Grey

On this version of Tefd, predatory species that have been wiped out on other versions are still alive. Lobey and the others here must try harder to stay alive, and consequently don’t have the time to engage in deep thought that the species desires. Traditionally the Lehss of this world have focused on defensive methods of protecting themselves, but Lobey is thinking more offensively, designing chemical weapons to fight back. But could this use of chemicals cause more damage to the world than it is worth?

Universe: Orange

Super Sunday: Doviderans


The planet Bo Dovi Exxus is home to a species that call themselves the Doviderans. These people have evolved to live in an environment of dense plant-life that we would liken to a thorn bush. Doviderans have four limbs, all of which can be used for locomotion or for manipulation. They are also have a vertical symmetricity that allows them to change their orientation while climbing without ever being “upside down.”

In their youth, every Dovideran is given a pet, a creature called a Mome Doriinty that resembles a cross between a pig and a squirrel. The young Dovideran is meant to care for this pet and thus learn all they need to know about life. Nik Po Tori learned early about death. When his pet died, Nik Po became shamed. Even though the death was no fault of his own, the superstitions of the world have people convinced that one whose Mome Doriinty dies will never be able to adjust to the pressures of life. In spite of this stigma, and motivated by the death of the beloved animal, Nik Po has dedicated his life to preventing death where possible. Fighting against the opinions of others, Nik Po has studied the medical arts and is trying to become the worlds most proficient designer of new and useful medical techniques.

Eab Mo Bofix is a judge. It is his job to investigate crimes, locate the criminals, and dole out judgement. With a team of about a dozen assistants, Eab Mo holds his offices in one of the largest populated areas in the northern hemisphere. During his career, he has solved robberies, caught murderers, and exposed swindlers. He has recently been on the trail of a serial arsonist, and he is going to be disappointed to learn that the culprit is, in fact, one of his own assistants.

In spite of their ease at climbing, most Doviderans make their homes on the ground in dug-out holes covered with slabs of stone. Maug Ep Arb is an exception, living in a hanging structure high above a river. Maug Ep works as a water desalination plant, an esteemed occupation on this world, and has been so successful that her certain eccentricities have been accepted. Still, people talk behind her back about how crazy she is, though Maug Ep likes being thought of as a “weirdo” and cultivates the image.

A Fact About Doviderans: The spoken language of the Doviderans is extremely complex and spoken very quickly. As a result, the part of their brain that deals with aural language is extremely advanced. They can concoct codes and ciphers nearly on a whim, and many play code games as a pastime. Poetry is another popular entertainment for them. All the languages that arose on the world in the olden days have now blended together into a single tongue that contains all of them. For Doviderans, picking up other languages is extremely easy. Though they have not yet ventured off their homeworld, they have detected life on other planets and begun communicating with them. They have also developed extreme xenophobic hatred of a couple of species they have learned have no spoken language at all. Again, it’s a good thing they haven’t left the planet.

Universe: Brown