Super Sunday: Edge of the Knife

The Situation

It’s your average workplace-set show, except the workplace is the high stakes world of professional knifefighting.

The Characters

Maddy Edge

Maddy is a smart young woman who could be doing a lot of things with her life, but instead she is trying to make it in the male-dominated world of professional knifefighting. She isn’t the first woman to join the sport, but she intends to be the first to work her way up to the title of World Knifefighting Champion.

Yvonne Hale

Yvonne Hale is not a knifefighter, but is the kind of person who dabbles in as many shady dealings as possible, and so she has started assembling a stable of knifefighters she sponsors in various underground fights throughout the world. She treats them well enough, not withstanding her acerbic wit, and is just kooky and rich enough to enable their outlandish ideas to raise their fame.

Sullivan Roberts

Sullivan is a knifefighter who takes the sport very seriously. After years of training himself to feel no pain, he has also dulled his emotions to an almost robotic point. Nonetheless, he has a bit of a crush on Maddy and doesn’t at all know how to handle it. This has been affecting his performance in the ring.

Walt Rudyard

Walt is the opposite of Sullivan. He’s all emotions all the time. He was once a homeless man who was paid to knifefight by some rappers on the West Coast, but he turned out to be very good at it, so Yvonne got him under contract. In his good moods, Walt is very supportive of Maddy and is always trying to come up with ideas to raise the team’s profile, such as barbed-wire-rope-bridge matches. Audiences love him.

Evan Torrington

Evan is currently the highest-ranked fighter in Yvonne’s stable of fighters and boy is he a jerk. He is one of those “macho” guys who thinks that only men can really be good at knifefighting (and he’s also pretty racist). Maddy would live to fight him, but they both work for Yvonne. For now, Evan is just an annoyance she can use to motivate herself to be better.


Moreso than any other idea I’ve come up with so far, this show would have a jaunty 80s-sitcom-style theme song. That is a must.

Super Sunday: Minds of Their Own

The Situation

A single father raising twin boys continually has to come to grips with the fact that his kids have minds of their own. It says so in the title.

The Characters

Cleavon Kane

As a psychologist, Cleavon has devoted his life to the study of the mind, but no matter how much he thinks he knows, his sons continue to be a baffling puzzle to him.

CJ Kane

CJ is the “oldest” of the twins and he always reminds his brother of that. CJ is a bleeding heart liberal who wants to devote himself to improving the world even if it means dying in the process. If he could, he’s spend every waking moment helping the less fortunate, and then the sleeping moments too. He is known to make grand moralizing speeches to his “younger” brother.

JC Kane

JC is the serious one of the two. He wants nothing more than to make it into big business and get Rich with a capitalist R. He isn’t without a sense of humour, though, and will often use sarcasm to defend himself against his brother’s well-meaning tirades. He insists that he doesn’t want to be rich purely out of greed, but he totally does.

Ray Lang

Ray is the boys’ best friend and he might be something of a bad influence. He is obsessed with the military and with weaponry and is convinced he can take anyone in a fight. He is constantly talking himself into problems that the twins have to get him out of. He is actually a good kid at heart, he just happens to think that proving himself in battle is a sensible thing. He’s also really dumb, which may be related.

Mel Publicover

Mel is the Kane family’s neighbour. She’s a standup comic and a standup person. She helps Cleavon cope with this eclectic group of teenagers he’s found himself stuck with by making him laugh when he needs it most.


This is your standard family sitcom that would deal with “serious” issues now and then, but I like to think it’d be darker about it than usual. Imagine Very Special Episodes about not doing drugs or whatever, except instead of becoming a serious show for an episode, they keep up the comedy. That’s what I’d want. I’d give this show a couple years.

Super Sunday: Ben From Planet Earth

The Situation

A human is in a science accident and finds himself teleported to the planet Hurch. Though the Hurchans have the technology to travel in space, Ben has no idea where in the universe Earth is, so his prospects of getting home are pretty grim. Luckily, some nice locals agree to let Ben live with them until a solution can be found. Comedy ensues.

The Characters

Ben Nakamura

On Earth, things were not going Ben’s way. He was sure he was going to lose his funding if he didn’t start showing results on the science work he was doing, so he panicked and rushed it and messed up, only to find himself on the planet Hurch. In some ways, he liked Hurch a lot better than Earth, which makes sense considering it is a virtual paradise. Though he bumbles through his attempts to connect to the Hurchans, he is eager to impress them, because he doesn’t actually want to go home.

Leebo Deeb

Leebo is a fun-loving Hurchan who has volunteered to look after the human guest who appeared in his home one day. Though sarcastic and quick to mock Ben’s foibles, Leebo is extremely nice and already sees the stranger as his new best friend.


Nusterwold is a stodgy civil servant who has finally found a purpose in life: making sure that the human doesn’t mess up Hurchan society. Most Hurchans are pretty happy that their world is a paradise, but Nusterwold always felt that some danger would make life more exciting, and then this human came along and with him came the possibility that something could go wrong. Now, with supreme diligence Nusterwold keeps watch over the human, preparing to punish any wrongdoing.


Shalekky is a scientist who wants nothing more than to research Ben and his alien world. Shalekky is apt to showing up uninvited and asking all sorts of questions. Ben actually doesn’t mind the attention and will offer things like hair or blood samples as enticement to get help from Shalekky, often helping distract Nusterwold.


Blipples is the wacky neighbour.


What we have here is a situation I call, the Reverse Meego. In the standard Alien Comes To Earth sitcom, the idea is that the wacky alien figure, your Alf or your Mork or your Meego (Blessings Be Upon Him), comes to Earth and we get to see the outsider fail to act ways we consider normal. Maybe, in the end, it actually teaches us a little bit about ourselves. Ben From Planet Earth has a problem: the human audience would not know what to expect from the alien society any more than Ben would. I feel like this would be a frustrating show to watch. It might find an audience after it is cancelled, but it would definitely be cancelled.

And the Hurchans would totally be puppets.

Super Sunday: School for Anomalies

The Situation

At a special learning centre for supernaturally-powered children, called the School for Anomalies, Claire Lincoln teaches a class of students aged six to eight. They constantly get into amusing and strange scenarios.

The Characters

Reggie Burbles

Reggie has the ability to see beyond the physical world. She can see ghosts and auras and other invisible stuff. She has no control over her powers, so she gets overwhelmed without her pair of special glasses to make things easier. She’s a bit nervous and shy and is the newest kid in the class.

Deshaun Carmichael

For some reason, not known to his perfectly normal parents, Deshaun is able to transform himself in demonic ways. He’s the class “brain” and is always eager to learn and volunteer himself for extra credit work. He has been the most welcoming to Reggie.

Tabitha Voight

Tabitha has the classic superhuman abilities. She’s nearly indestructible, superhumanly strong and fast, can jump clear across a football field, and is probably going to get stronger as she grows. She thinks of herself as the queen of the class. Most of her classmates don’t buy into it, but she can always boss around the younger kids.

Chalie Diamond

Charlie has somehow acquired the ability to transform his body into living diamond. It’s unclear how he gained this power, and it seems a coincidence that his surname is also Diamond, but he is actually one of the best kids in the class when it comes to using his powers. He’s bad at all the other school stuff, though, like reading and math.


Lizak doesn’t actually have any supernatural powers that a Lizard Person doesn’t usually have, but in human society, being a Lizard Person is a supernatural power in itself. Liz was a bit of a handful for her adoptive human parents, so they opted to ship her out to the School for Anomalies. She became friends with Tabitha and seems content in her role as her sidekick. But is she?

Krug Harrison

The origins of Krug are not known to Krug, nor to his adoptive parents, nor to anyone else. This little monster just seems to have turned up one day. Though the humans who discovered him were loving enough to take him in and care for him, they realized their limitations and when they learned of the School for Anomalies they took the opportunity to send him there, in the hopes that someone would be able to help him out. As it stands, Krug is not doing great. He has problems with authority and enjoys picking on the kids he sees as weaker than him.

Alkazar Vela

Alkazar Vela, a cyborg wizard, is the founder of the School for Anomalies, and teaches the oldest class. He has a secret ulterior motive for founding his school: he wants to create an army of superhuman soldiers to help him take down his enemies. But he’s starting to get attached to his students (and the teachers who work for him), so will he come to regret turning the kids into soldiers?


Yeah, this one is more of my own self-interest in world building than an actual setup for a sitcom. The best I can spin it is that it might work as a parody of superhero shows.

Super Sunday: Uptown Islopia

The Situation

A group of young adults living in the big city and trying to get by, except the city is the capital city of Islopia, a nation on a world where magic exists alongside modern technology.

The Characters

Righ Tarnage

Righ is a druid working for the Islopia Parks Department. It’s his job to keep the parks in the capital city nice and healthy. His job is nice work, which contrasts sharply with the mess he’s made of his home life. After being dumped by his longtime girlfriend, he has had to move in with his brother until he can get back on his feet. But Righ is a nervous wreck and navigating the world of a newly single young man in Islopia is not easy for him.

Vick Tarnage

While the Wizard King of Islopia has a team of super-powered enforcers to act as his police, he also has an army of normal law enforcers, known as the Purplewearers, who serve as law enforcement on a more mundane level. Righ’s big brother Vick is one of those. Unlike his brother, Vick is stubborn, rigid, and stupidly brash. He is very actively social and has relationships come and go without letting it bother him at all.

Carlane Hearing

Carlane lives in the apartment above the Tarnage brothers. She works in an advertising firm downtown and makes enough to live on her own, even in this nice neighbourhood, but she constantly feels like she doesn’t belong there and that everyone hates her, even though it isn’t true, and most of the neighbourhood’s denizens don’t even care that she exists. She has an on-and-off relationship with a man at work, but Righ has a thing for her, and there’s a definite will-they-won’t-they thing brewing.

Nyss Forests

An apprentice wizard in the city’s science labs, Nyss is Vick’s best friend since they were in school together. She is impressed that he has taken in his little brother, and mocks them slightly less than she mocks everyone else. She is constantly conniving ways to get out of work so that she can hang out with her friends all day.

Hem Gredley

Hem Gredley is a server at the trendy tavern down the road from the apartment building. He never really found Vick to be all that nice a guy, but has taken a liking to Righ since he moved in, and now he’s part of the gang. He’s a bit dumb, and very vain, but overall Hem is a nice guy.

Lisa Moros

Lisa is a musician who is trying to get a job in the music industry. In Islopia, that industry is all about singing ballads about historical figures, so musicians are basically history nerds. This is definitely true of Lisa, but she overcompensates by trying to appear cool, and it backfires every time.


The high concept of this show would probably wear itself thin pretty quickly in our world, but in a fantasy world where these are relatable characters, this show would air for years, I tell you, years!

The setting of Islopia first appeared in two Supernatural Sunday posts, here and here, and the planet Islopia is on in another one, here.