Some Dreams

A few nights back I had a dream wherein I found out that walking around shirtless with a baseball bat and a moustache got me crazy amounts respect and fear from the populace. Also, I learned to ride a unicycle.

Last night I dreamt I was the sole passenger on a bus across Canada. I had two laptops set up and was getting a bunch of work done until some annoying guy I went to high school with (but who doesn’t exist in real life) got on and wouldn’t stop talking to me. He was trying to convince me to go to the class reunion, even though we were both on a bus riding away from the city it would be in.

Not my weirdest dreams, but still good.

  1. And then, just now, I dreamed about seeing someone walking on the rooftops across the street from my apartment, being less cautious than I’d prefer. It soon occurred to me that she was looking for a good place to jump off. I knew that calling the police wouldn’t do anything in time, so I opted to just look away, knowing that when I heard a scream from the people on the street, it would be over. But I heard screams seven times. It turned out that first jumper had been followed by six more from the exact same spot. One of these people had survived the fall and I could overhear them being questioned by the police. Apparently this mass suicide had something to do with the British royalty.

    I wonder why I’ve remembered so many dreams this week. I’m liking it, though.

  2. Hmmm. There is a story in the news right now about a possible suicide related to british royalty. Could it be you are a prophet and more people are going to die?

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