Opening the Museum of Patrick D Ryall

Hey! I did the Google-my-name thing again when I got home from work and lo and behold, I win at Google! My Book of PDR is now the third result in Google for “Patrick D Ryall”. Now that may seem like a pretty weak win what with basically nobody ever going to search for my name on the Google except for me, but hey, at least when I do I get top billing.

And this brings me to a topic that I was thinking about at work tonight: Patrick D Ryall. Somehow this January has been a big month for PDR-related talk here on this website. This should come as no surprise because this is a website that has come into existence for, essentially, the sold purpose of being about me, PDR. But really, I hate talking about myself. Mostly, I bore me. I try to make this website be more by PDR than about PDR. I mean sure, there are plenty of posts about PDR up here because, hey, I gotta post something and sometimes thinking stuff up is hard, but it feels somehow like this last month has been more inward gazing than most. Early in the month I decided to document my grocery-buying of the day in all its glory. Then around the middle of the month I, quite unexpectedly, somehow stumbled into a sort of reminiscence of PDR times gone by. And then after that I began fighting for position on search engine results for my own name, more from boredom than anything, but it all adds up. Somehow January 2011 has become the most PDR-centric month on the most PDR-centric website ever!

In the cybernetic world of the Internet time and space seem even more linked than in our normal world. Though January 2011 will soon have rolled away down the hill that is linear time, all my posts from January 2011 will still be on the same spot in the Cyber-World. And so I shall take this little stop on the Internet Highway and build upon it the Museum of Patrick D Ryall.

If ever someone asks me, “What is Patrick D Ryall really all about?” I will be able to reply “Check out January 2011 on his website and you’ll know.” Probably I won’t reply that way, but I’ll be able to.

But just to make sure that the month really does offer all the information needed, I’m going to use up the rest of this post to link to a few older posts that are about PDR.

Okay sure, I admit it, this is essentially just a ploy to find something I can post about so I can, as stated, break my previous posting record of 22 posts in May 2006. But it can also be a glorious celebration of myself! Why not? It can be two things! Besides, having an actual topic legitimately does make it easier to post. I should try that more often.

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