The Big Cow Story

A story that involves at the very least, a large cow. Aren’t you glad you read beyond the title now?

If I Had Four Arms

If I had four arms,
I would wear a glove on one.
That would be my glove arm
and I would call it number one.

If I had four arms,
On one I’d keep a shoe
in case I ever lost a leg.
That would be arm two.

If I had four arms,
On one a duck would be.
He’d keep me out of trouble,
from there on number three.

If I had four arms,
I’d cut the fourth one off.
As nearly as I can tell
Three arms would be enough.

I’m Not Sexist

Now I don’t want to appear sexist, but I couldn’t help noticing that when I’m buying one or two things (usually a chocolate bar and juice) female cashiers tend not to ask me if I need a bag or not give me one. The males just stick it all in a bag with no question. Is this because the men are more considerate or because the women are smart enough to realize that I have big pockets and the items won’t last long in any case? I’m not sure, but in either case it’s a fact.

Also, I see more old women on the bus than old men.

And I did once put “I’m not sexist” as a hobby on job application.

I’m Here To Help!

I’m going to sleep early. How does that affect you? Well, in sleep I’ll be using less oxygen than I would if I were awake. You’re welcome.

Mostly, I’m just tires, so I’ve nothing to say.

A Guide To Being Cool.

Need to know how to be cool? Well, get your lessons from someone who knows! (Note: Mummified Popes can be distinguished from regular mummies by careful examination of their large Pope Hats.)