Twit Is An Insult! Hooray!

I am not on the Twitter. I would say my most concerning issue with it is the limit on characters. Not often can my thoughts be summed up in less than two hundred characters. This is because my thoughts are complex and manly.

I have pondered such ideas as getting a Twitter account and saying nothing beyond “I’m on Twitter” once a day, or just using it as a link to posts on this here site, but even those are too much work for me to actually bother, it seems. But it has recently occurred to me that Twitter does have a distinct advantage: Instant posting. If I had one of those mobile devices that everyone has I would be able to put up my Twitter-thoughts as soon as I have them. Never would I forget what I was going to say before I got to a computer that would allow me to get to my website.

All of this discussion is because when I got home from work last night I had some idea in my head that I was sure would be an awesome post and when I woke up I had forgotten it. So you get this instead. Complex and manly.

The Legend of the Killer Maniac That Murdered!

It was on this night fourty-two years ago that a small town in upstate New York became famous, for it was on this night (January 30th) that the small town of Yellowton became the scene of the grimmest, gruesomest, grossest, gregariousest crime scene in the entirety of the twentyeth century. That night began like any […]

Weekend of Naps.

For me, this has been a weekend of naps. While this is enjoyable on occasion, I hope I don’t make a habit of it. Still, I had me some good naps.


Love the letter T.
Without it, where would we be?
Also, love your legs.

Amid naps I got a new level of Adventure Dennis up, though. So that’s cool. And I see no reason I won’t find some old Contains2 story and put that up later tonight.

Also, I get the impression that Geocities is supposed to be dead by this point, as I spoke of in the past. I still seem to be able to reach the ol’ AWBC, though. The suspense is literally making me wonder when it is going to die for real.

I Win a Peg.

This weekend I got to visit the merry old land of Winnipeg. It was a great weekend for being there as well. I had been leery because the previous weekend was apparently snowy, but this weekend was pure goodness weatherwise. Just some of the things the weekend gave to me: Experience in navigating corn mazes, a chance to see District 9 in a theatre for cheap, seeing a building with Louis Riel’s name on it and just generally adding to the number of places in this world that I’ve been lucky enough to see. (Oh, and I got to hang out in the company of two cool people). Not bad.

Having spent my weekend with travel, I didn’t get a chance to make a new Adventure Dennis as I might have done. In its place I’ve dug up Abominable Hairman vs. Thompson, a flash cartoon from Contains2 and put it back on the Internet where it belongs.