Oh those Golden Grahams.

Golden Grahams cereal. I like it, but it has vanished entirely from the sphere of my ken. It has not ever been at the Superstore I live above, but it was always at the Sobeys five minutes away. When I had a bad enough urge, I could find Golden Grahams with minimal effort. That has changed. When Marq and I made a trip to that Sobeys yesterday they had no Golden Grahams. The world is doomed. I must remember to do some actual research and make sure that particular cereal does indeed still exist.

On a similar thought, why are conspiracy theories always out to get me? Why aren’t more conspirators using their massive influence for my benefit? It’s thoughtless of them.


That is when I want money.
For I am a thief.

I had a long night at work and am about to not get very much sleep. On the plus side, I’m listening to Spinal Tap. So I’m doing something right.

  1. Hello…

    Strangely enough, I found your site because I googled “Golden Grahams, Sobey’s”. I too, do not know where to find Golden Grahams! Now this may seem like a rather silly question… but did you end up finding Golden Grahams anywhere in Halifax???


  2. I have not yet located any Golden Grahams, but I found nothing on the Internet to suggest they have been discontinued or anything. It’s a big mystery.

    I did learn, though, that Golden Grahams has one of the highest salt contents for a cereal. Crazy.

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