Got A T-Shirt.

After something akin to a late-evening power nap, I heard rain and decided Patrick D Ryall had to go for a walk downtown, since that’s something he generally doesn’t do any more.

While I was there I was approached by members of a metal band with the respectable name of Knifehammer. Apparently they are playing a show tonight and handing out t-shirts in preparation of this. They told me where the show was and handed me a shirt. It was all cool. Then I went into Shoppers, bought a chocolate milk and forgot where they were playing.

I probably wouldn’t have gone anyway, what with being a reclusive loser, but it can’t be a good thing that I can forget that quickly.

But thanks to them, wherever they are, for coming all the way from Ontario exclusively to give PDR a t-shirt.

  1. So now like Braniac and Solomon Grundy all you need now is a decent pair of pants? :p

  2. Brainiac I mean, darn Typo Demons.

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