What kind of name is Crebo?

At least four days this week I found myself thinking of things I wanted to write here when I got home, but then when I get home, I just don’t feel like doing it any more. What a loser I am.

Now I could try to salvage the things I would have talked about on those days, but it wouldn’t be the same, so instead, here’s a story ’bout Crebo.

Crebo shot a man and ran away. The man didn’t die, because Crebo had shot him in the foot. Also, Crebo had shot him with a pea shooter. Nonetheless Crebo ran until he couldn’t run any more. Then he fell in a ditch. In this ditch, Crebo found a stick of dynamite. Crebo decided to take up smoking and start with that smoking that dynamite. Luckily for Crebo he did not have a lighter. Unfortunately for Crebo, he did have a grenade. He tried to use the grenade to light the dynamite. This did not work, but Crebo was badly wounded. Fortunately the man who Crebo had not killed made it to the ditch while there was still lots of time to call for an ambulance. Unfortunately the man did not look in the ditch and thus did not see Crebo and so did not call an ambulance. Crebo died, but fortunately he left all his money to medical research. Unfortunately Crebo didn’t actually have any money. The end.

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