Contains2 Collaboration Comics

PDR may be a loser with few friends, but nonetheless he does not always work alone. This is where we keep the comics that PDR made with his fellow members of the Contains2 empire, Marq and Kip. As such, the absurdity level of these is at least three times higher than ever.

The Man To Whom Bad Things Happen, by PDR and Kip.

A Can of Green Beans, by PDR, Kip and Marq.

Cool Hats, by PDR and Kip.

Linkmore the Robot, by PDR and Kip.

Pirate Corn, by Marq and PDR.

Sad More the Robot, by Kip, Marq and PDR.

The following are not collaborative, but are pure 100% created by Wade and used to be on Contains2 and are too good to be left out:

And this next one, it is a product solely of Marq:

And then, if you’d like to see some stories parodying various aspects of comic books written by the brilliant G:DR, you need look no further than here: G:DR’s Micro Adventures.

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