Are Wishing Chairs Real?

I just had a dream where there was a Wishing Chair and whoever sat in it could basically wish for anything they wanted and it would come true. It was basically a chair of omnipotence and it was open to the public. Anyone could use it. Naturally, this caused problems. The world was in flux. Time was constantly being rewritten so that people could correct mistakes from their past. The weather changed to match the mood of whoever was in the chair. It was chaotic. Anyway, eventually I got my turn in the chair and, naturally, I wished for Superman Powers. Things did not go well.

Now I don’t know if even my dreams are against me having Superman Powers or, as I kinda assumed at the time, someone had sabotaged it, but anyway, I didn’t get my wish. Instead, for some reason, I became a balding Asian child. I have nothing against balding Asian children, but I don’t consider them Superman. What’s the deal Chair?

(I do have to admit that I am happy to say that even in a dream state I use the term “Superman Powers” without hesitation)

So anyway, if anyone knows where there’s a real Wishing Chair around, give me a heads up.

What’s more, in the course of dreaming I also found a novel just lying on the ground (the details of which now escape me) that looked really cool. I looked forward to reading it and now that I am awake, I never can. Awake and asleep. Both states of extreme disappointment. Go figure.

  1. The problem with wishing for superman powers is that DC comics have so many multiple universes you never know which superman you will become.

    • Pre-Crisis. Preferably from the early 60s. If it doesn’t include Super-Ventriloquism, I barely consider it Superman Powers.

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