I’ve Been Shot! Twice!

I feel like this is more the sort of thing I would be expected to post on “Social Media Platforms” but I thought, hey, I have a website for a reason, so here is the announcement: Today I got my second dose of the Covid vaccine. I understand it takes a fortnight or so to get to it


It’s a pandemic!
Viruses versus the world!
Which side are you on?

I gotta admit, when this whole thing started, I didn’t think it was realistic that we’d see a vaccine before 2022 at the earliest. Sure, this was based more on my own pessimism than any real knowledge of how anything works, but I am genuinely impressed by how quickly they managed it. I assume the fact we need to get two shots in this staggered manner is part of the reason they were able to do it. Well, it sucks that I had to be awake in the daytime not once but twice for all this, but it’s over now and feels worth it.

For posterity, I feel like I should note that my first shot was on May 27th. Just in case the historians using this site to piece together the details of my life need that information.

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