Planet Gurx: Strondovarian Space

Although this series of posts has been labelled “Planet Gurx” it is simply the case that the denizens of that planet, the Strondovarians, have spread not only to other planets, but other star systems. Though other alien species may dispute the claim, this is the region that Strondovarians consider to be under their ownership:

The Core
These are the stars which are most populated and trafficked by the Strondos. Every world and moon in this range has been visited, studied, and put to use in some way, whether it be as a colony or being mined for resources to use elsewhere.

  • Ahan: This is, of course, the system in which the planet Gurx is located and the Strondovarians arose.
  • Iapway: The first system visited by Strondo explorers millennia ago, Iapway features a lot of the oldest colonized worlds away from home. To prevent the occupants here from straying too far from Strondovarian culture, the technology was invented to sync up the Knowledge Base to other systems.
  • Parraeloa: This is the system where Strondos first located other complex life forms, Doaphean. This world was colonized and was highly populated, but was devastated during a cosmic war. It has been rebuilding, but even now, thousands of years later, the scars from that war are felt.
  • Gaobaina: Finding no planets here with atmospheres that could be altered for their use, the Strondovarians set up colonies here in underground cities where they didn’t need as much air.
  • Chossnox: This is the industrial section of the core where there are many factories or shipyards and such. There is a steady stream of resources being shipped into this system from other ones.

The core is the most highly protected. This map does not even identity what types of stars each system has, because that would make it easier to find the actual location of Gurx, and the Strondos don’t want that. It is assumed, though, that in one of these systems (or perhaps in the space between them) the construction of New Gurx is underway.

The Outskirts

These systems are less populated. In some, there are worlds largely ignored by the Strondos, or there are small frontier populations that the primary Strondo culture consider strange. In several (Heatyee, Semban, Lookaix, and Paikochid), the main presence is automated machines that are strip mining the worlds and bringing the resources to the core.

But there are systems in the outskirts that have some points of interest:

  • Briagrog: With many worlds with underground colonies, like those in Gaobaina, this system would probably be considered part of the core if not for its distance.
  • Nooabbaeo: A massive space telescope has been built here, with an accompanying science outpost to study its findings.
  • Lay: This system has the most space stations, which makes it a nice location for Strondos who aren’t as comfortable on planets (it’s not a small number that feel that way).
  • Aekaerin: This system is home to the biggest space station known to Strondos. That’s nice for Strondos who prefer space stations, but not small ones.
  • Kloubuoan: A frontier area populated only by Strondos who feel like they need to escape from something, or who think they have some big idea and this is the perfect place to bring it to fruition.
  • Eapoas: Another frontier area, this is considered the “last stop” in Strondo space before reaching the star system where planet Blong is located. For that reason, there is a colony here in which both Strondos and Blongians live together.
  • Ookig: During the cosmic war against forces much more powerful than they were, the Strondos created a “false Gurx” here and made it seem as if this system was the capital of their culture, to better hide Ahan. Though neither Gurx was successfully attacked during that war, the fake one is generally avoided because it reminds Strondos of that conflict.
  • Poaitheem: Is home to “the Graveyards” a remnant of destruction from the cosmic war. Shattered spaceships and artifacts can be found here, and Strondo scientists have gone looking for them, but they usually only find strange occurrences have given the system a reputation for being haunted.

And here is an example of an automated spacecraft that tows resources from one system to another at sub-light speed, so it takes quite a while:

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