The Winds of Time Wound All

– A play by Patrick D Ryall. [ Scene: Bill and Joe walk on to the subway train. ] Bill: My name is Bill. Joe: Your name is Bill. Bill: Take that back! Joe: No. You’ll have to kill me! Bill: Fine then. I’ll kill myself. Joe: No! I’m sorry. I take it back! Bill: […]

My Memories

The nostalgic theme of my post yesterday reminded me of this old gem from Contains2, so I am now bringing it back to the Online. Someday aliens are going to use this website to recreate my mind, so I better make it as complete as possible, right? Anyway, here is “My Memories”: My memory, like […]

Belief Erikson

So over on the YouTubes I was looking at a bunch of videos of galaxies and nebulae and all that stuff, just flowing from one to the other as they linked to each other and using up time of my life just as the aliens designed YouTube to do. Then I happened upon a video […]