PDR Update: End of Aliens Month

Hey, it’s PDR! The PDR from now, in 2017, not the PDR from 2016 who scheduled all those posts this month. 2016 PDR left November 30th blank with a note that told me-now-PDR to put a PDR Update here.

Well, the main thing on my plate right now is some seemingly expensive car repairs. It seems my shift motor has corroded. That’s punching my wallet right in the nuts, that’s for sure. Apart from that, things are as they have been all year for me. 2017 has not been a great year for me, but neither has it been for the world at large, so at least I’m not alone in that.


My finances remain poor.
Not been a great year.

It’s not all been a bad year, though. I’ve been listening to the Superman radio show from the 40s as I drive, and during the serial “Is There Another Superman” there was a scene in which Batman and Robin were investigating and Robin got kinda bored, noticed it was snowing out, and sung a few bars of “White Christmas” only for Batman to reply: “I’ll Christmas you unless you pipe down” so now I know the best Batman line that has ever been written.

So anyway, we now go back to not having a new Super Sunday post every day. The site will probably feel pretty empty. I do still miss my Twitter posts manifesting here. That was nice.

  1. So, if you’d traded your car in and bought a new(er) at the start of 2017, how much less expensive would the year have been, even with new(er) car bills? *raises eyebrow*

    • Haha! You have me confused with someone who knows how much cars cost and stuff!

      • But anyway, if I had just bought a new car before getting sick for three months, that would definitely have made me feel worse.

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      • True about the sick.

        *shakes fist* Damn you 2017!

        Commented: Somebody (on )
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