The City So Nice They Named It New York

So, I’ve got myself booked on a plane and into a hotel so that I will be taking a brief trip to New York in March. That makes me better than I was before. And also better than plenty of other people. They know which ones I’m talking about. They know.

I have no real plan of action once I get there, yet, but that’s also true of pretty much every day here, so I see no problem with it.

Beyond that, not really any interesting thing to say. So that’s it.

Giant Monster Movie.

Yesterday I saw a Giant Monster Movie in the moving picture cinema theatre. I enjoyed it quite a lot and am sure that the Giant Monster genre is in for a big rebirth. Of course that will only really amount to a heap of really bad Giant Monster Movies being made until the whole idea is tired and I’m begging for them to stop (I’m about there for zombies, for example) but I’ve wanted more movies with giant stuff for so long that I’m willing to go on that ride. Next, I think I’ll demand a resurgence of


It’s unstoppable.
Your puny guns can’t hurt it!
You might as well quit.

I used Superman body wash yesterday. I had found it in the store a while back and kept forgetting to use it, but yesterday I remembered. Turns out I don’t much care for it. And it didn’t give me Superman powers, so it’s just an all around disappointment really. I’d have to give it a mere one slice of PDR’s Reviewing System Cake. And that’s just because it has Superman on it.

That’s it. Go away.

Das Wampyr!

Sometimes I wake up with blood on my lips. There’s this one spot on my upper lip that, when it dries out overnight, sometimes it bleeds, I guess. It did thus last night and when I looked in the mirror there was this ring of dried blood on my mouth and I realized that, when the vampires inevitably come, the angry mob will probably descend on me pretty quickly. Especially when my nocturnal lifestyle is taken into account.

Snow is an Idiot.

Another reason for me to dislike the Wintertime: I just had to wait over two hours for my cab home from work. From WORK. The place I least want to spend time. You see? This snow stuff is an idiot.

Now I go to sleep.