Snow is an Idiot.

Another reason for me to dislike the Wintertime: I just had to wait over two hours for my cab home from work. From WORK. The place I least want to spend time. You see? This snow stuff is an idiot.

Now I go to sleep.

  1. Whatz?? Yous be dissin dat master rapper Snow? Doncha know mah tunes? Let me quote ya some mad lyricz. Seriuzly:
    Informer, you no say
    that’s who I’m gonna blame
    a licky boom boom down
    Detective man said Daddy Snow
    I stabbed someone down the lane
    a licky boom boom down

    Police than come and
    they blow down my door
    One him crawl through my window
    so than they put me in the back
    of the car at the station
    From that point on I reached my destination
    Now the destination reached
    was the East detention
    where they whipped out my pants and
    looked up my bottom


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