Violence begets violence. Think about it. I know this is true because “begets” is a funny word. Next time you want to do violence, think about that.

I overslept today. Why do I keep doing that on days when I intend to do things? Is my subconscious trying to prevent me from accomplishing anything? Or is YOUR subconcious doing that. I ought to pound you all. Then violence you.

But I should be able to donate blood again, and I’m going to drop into the clinic tomorrow to set up the appointment and stuff. That may help cheer me up.

Rubber Jimmy

Well, I suppose I was wrong in stating I would write something today. But I’ll see what I can do about that tomorrow. But here’s something:

Rubber Jimmy was not a real guy. He was fictional. And he certainly wasn’t Rubber. But he was still called Rubber Jimmy. At some point, he picked up the name, and it stuck. That’s the story of Rubber Jimmy.

And then Winter happened.

It was raining when I woke up, but then it turned to snow. The kind of snow that stays on the ground for more than a day. I do not be approvin’.


Too many Walrus!
Here, there, ev’ry place: Walrus!
Yes, I hate them all.

Tomorrow, I try to write something for a change. That’ll be neat.

Face Bashed In

I had just finished getting ready for work and was killing the time remaining until my ride got there. It was getting cold, so I decided to close the window. Unfortunately, I had been leaning out the window watching the traffic. I managed to whack the window into my own face. Right on that bony part around the eye.

And to make myself appear even dumber, as I did this I had been singing the theme to the Littlest Hobo and I didn’t stop right away. I was like “Every stop I make, I make a (WHACK) new friend… hey OW!”.

Next time someone tries to tell me I’m not as dumb as I think I am, I have yet another piece of ammunition in my retort.

Taped Babies.

I am a million cremated babies taped together. I was taped together by a witch who wanted to prove it could be done. And once she had done it, she threw me out of her window and forgot about me. Since she forgot about me, she had to start over to prove it could be done again. I considered just walking back in to remind her, but decided against it.

Anyway enough of my Secret Origin. As is usual, I don’t have anything to say (a peril of having a meaningless existence) but I’m going to say stuff anyway. Let’s see….

* Eventually, I hope to own a spaceship. If it is one that I can shrink to about the size of a toy spaceship and then ride around in, I would be even happier.

* I’ve been buying about one of those Set For Life lottery tickets a month for like a year now. I’m that desperate. So far, I am not set for life.

* I noticed today that there’s a website for Alumni from my high school. I don’t feel like signing up now, but maybe someday.

* I can’t think of a way to prove I’m not an alien spy who has undergone hypnosis to think he’s one of the native population.

* Moreover is a great word.

* That is it for now. I’ll have to go to work and all that. I’m going to try to start, like, writing and drawing and crap again soon, so let’s hope that works out.