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Kip and Patrick in a photobooth. To the left here is a picture of Kip and partially I, Patrick D Ryall, in a photo booth. It took me over a week to get it on here, so enjoy it.

I’m in the midst of my last day off of a three day weekend. I enjoyed having a three day weekend. It’s practically a vacation. I hate my job very much and do not wish to return. If I could weep, I would.

Anyway, let’s see… I’m sure I had lost of stuff happen lately that I would talk about if I could remember it… Hmmm…

Some guy at work about a week ago was wearing a shirt that said “G-Unit: Built To Last” But several of the letters fell off and it ended up reading “…ui t to ast” Which is funny because it didn’t last very long. And it’s also funny because I overheard the guy saying he paid fifty bucks for that shirt.

I got Arrested Development Season Three this week. That’s a great show I’ll recommend to each and anyone out there.


In the void of space.
Buhjugga alone is king.
None can defeat him.

My new computer that I’ve owned for a while but not been able to get working? I brought into the shop. I expect that in a few days I shall indeed be able to use it for really real at long last. It shall be a good day.

I was late paying my rent this month. I just kinda forgot. Oh well, I’ll do it on Tuesday. I assume the office is closed for Labour Day. Ah, Labour Day. One of the holidays I know the least about. Also, something about not wearing white.

So how is everyone out there? Holding up okay? Summer’s pretty much done. That sucks, right.

Let’s see… what else… Oh, I read in a local paper today about some thing here in Halifax where a bunch of people dressed as zombies and walked around trying to scare people or whatever. But the people who saw them immediately assumed it was fake and nobody cared. Now I’ve not seen the quality of the zombies that were present, but I hope that when the real zombies come people are a little more reactive.

Which in turn reminds me that a few weeks back I was walking down the road and some guy covered in rubber snakes ran by yelling “Ohhh Noooo! Snakes!” or whatever. I think it was some improv group having fun, but again nobody cared. The guy just stopped after a while and turned back to his friends, one of whom chastised him for not waiting for the light to turn green or something. A pedestrian was heard to remark, “What just happened?”

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