This Versus That

Thanks to some guy at the video store I have learned that the Internet has given birth to a trailer for a fictional Leprechaun vs. Wishmaster movie. I like the Internet for things like that.

Meanwhile, I demand a banshee-themed horror movie. C’mon. Then, after a few of thise we can have Banshee versus Frankenstein, why not?

Progress has been made on the new computer I’m putting together. It’s not done, but still… progress.


Today, I made some cookies. They’re the first thing I’ve baked on the stove here with the exception of play dough. And even though I apparently don’t have a measuring cup, using a Jell-o mold shaped like a frog seems to have done the trick well enough.


Go Mario Go!
Jump up and down on that guy!
Yeah! That’ll show him!

Still haven’t put my computer together. Haven’t even tried that much. But I have two days off this week (starting after tonight’s shift) so I shall give it another go.

A Lesson In PDR

PDR is not so good at putting together new computers. On the plus side, PDR has a new computer, even if it is, at this point nothing more than a strange jagged jigsaw puzzle with my blood on it.

This old computer will do until that thing gets its act together.

It’s a Life-Day Miracle.

Well, now I can say that I have watched the Star Wars Holiday Special. It’s one of those things accomplished not because it was good to do, but because it simply had to be done. Some people climb mountains…

Here’s the part where I complain about work. Usually I don’t work on Tuesdays, but today I did. And then when I went home I fell immediately asleep and woke up thinking it was the next morning and I was gonna be late for work and all that. And now I’m awake but will have to try to get a few more hours of sleep before I go to work again. On the plus side, I’m gonna go watch the Daily Show and the Colbert Report.


As I walk to or from work for the last month or so, there has been a discarded banana peel on the side of the highway. While the peel itself has shrivelled and blackened beyond recognition, the blue sticker on it lives on bright and powerful. Such is mankind’s power over nature.