A Lesson In PDR

PDR is not so good at putting together new computers. On the plus side, PDR has a new computer, even if it is, at this point nothing more than a strange jagged jigsaw puzzle with my blood on it.

This old computer will do until that thing gets its act together.

  1. HAHA, computers are like vampires… my computer also has my blood in it. Also, I’m sure unearthly curses are logged somewhere in the processor. Thanks computer it’s been a great 2 years.

  2. Hey PDR, this is SDC, also known as Spencer D Cantley. I like the site,But it needs more graphics! GRAPHICS I SAY!!!! so let me know if you want some pictures of randomness, I’ll hook you up…
    Talk soon SDC

  3. If this computer is a vampire and I always used to call my old computer the Super Zombie, I wonder why coputers are so undead all the time…

    Spen, long time no see. I shall get to the graphics, I hope. I always approve of pictures of randomness.

  4. They are always undead because computers are not alive nor dead. Thus, they can only be… UNDEAD!

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