When I was thirteen or so, there was a half-hour-long period during which I genuinely couldn’t remember if the number was called “eleven” or “eleventeen” so I just sat there saying “eleventeen” over and over again. This was after I had spent a whole year being eleven years old.

I want a miniseries by Mike Mignola about these aliens who that Kirby drew in a single panel of Fantastic Four #60: https://t.co/tZXpwqxvwb

PDR made Water Pie

This evening I took the time to use a Depression-era recipe to make something called “Water Pie”. Naturally, the appeal of the thing is its cheapness, and indeed it was. I already owned all of the ingredients except for milk and nutmeg and they were easy to get alongside my usual groceries.

It isn’t bad actually. It’s like pumpkin pie without the pumpkin. The primary taste is the nutmeg. It’s like a watered-down nutmeg-flavoured pie with the texture of a pumpkin pie. Now you know.