Adam: The Beekeeper Chronicles, Chapter Two

If a honeybee can be said to be frightened, this bee is. The swarm needs a new home. After a morning of searching, the bee found a suitable hollow tree, but with a complication. A human. It sits by the tree, perfectly still. The tree is ideal. The human seems no threat. In fact… the […]

Driving Tip: It’s impossible to exceed the speed limit while driving in reverse, because you’re technically going negative speed. In a hurry? Reverse!

I am the kind of chump who read Animal Farm and said “Hey, I’m just like Boxer” and then did not change at all, but at least I know it.

Hey rich people. Sure, maybe you’re rich in money, but I’m rich in self respect. I mean, not really, but I assume you hate yourself more than me. You probably don’t, but it’s something for me to cling to, right? Maybe you hate yourself too? Right? Maybe?