PDR’s Controversial Beliefs: Calm down, fast food.

I don’t go to fast food places all that often, I am ashamed to admit. I went to Wendy’s today, though, because the grocery store is closed because they hate Canada (Why else would any business close on Canada Day if not as a protest of Canada?). Anyway, I went in and ordered my meal and they apologetically told me I’d have to wait while they made some fresh fries. Two minutes later my food was done and they said “Sorry about the wait” like I’d been terribly inconvenienced. I came very close to saying to that employee “I’m a grown up, I can wait a few minutes for food without that being a problem” but I didn’t bother. I don’t want to shatter the business’s worldview.

But it reminded me of a previous encounter with a fastfoodery: I like the milkshakes at McDonalds and once every year or two I remember that and try to get one. About five years ago I went to a McDonalds and ordered a medium milkshake. While drinking that, I realized that a medium was more than I needed to get my milkshake fix. Thus, a year or so later, I returned to get another one. Not wanting to overdo it again, I wisely ordered a small. After I order, a few other people came and ordered food and got theirs before I got mine. When some employee noticed, they gave me a medium as an amends to make up for what, in their mind, was an unconscionable wait for me to have suffered.

Okay, I get that there are probably plenty of people who are into the whole instant gratification that fast food places try to provide, but I don’t like it. I don’t care about my health or anything, so I don’t care about the usual things that are horrible about fast food. It turns out that the reason I’m not all that into fast food is that I don’t like that they think I am a whiny child.

They tried to keep Canada Day from coming by sticking that leap second on there, but it could not be stopped.

Super Sunday: Efmons 2


Back to the Efmons. As a reminder, this is a family of magically mutated monstermen who serve dark masters as part of a war to conquer the multiverse.

Gervid Efmon

When Gervid was mutated to serve the family’s dark masters, he became a mostly intangible, seemingly indestructible sort of ghost-energy thing. Capable of skulking around and reaching secret locations, Gervid served as the family’s spy and assassin during the war. When the order came to abandon planet, Gervid was far into enemy lines. As they left, the rest of the family assumed he was dead, and when found no trace of them, he assumed they were dead as well. As such, Gervid is the last of the Efmons on their native world, lonely striking out at the forces who opposed them in the war, like some killer spectre striking from the shadows.

Noivel Efmon

Noivel was the first of the Efmon family to be born after the post-war fleeing from their home realm. As her family hid in some desolate world of caves and darkness, licking their wounds and laying low, it was worried that those born away from their home universe would not be able to partake in the mutation ritual, but when the time came, the ritual was tried, and it was successful. Noivel gained a deadly lizardly warrior form. If anything, her mutation was judged more monstrous and powerful than the average Efmon transformation (though not the most powerful of them all). Taking this as a sign that the clan’s best days were still to come, the Efmons were emboldened and began their new plan to conquer to and different worlds in universes as far as they could reach.