Adam: The Beekeeper Chronicles, Chapter Seventy-Three

On the roof of the former souvenir shop, Adam sat by his hive. Bees came and went. Adam’s five larger allies were gathered around him.

Downstairs, a figure in a long coat came through the damaged wall, made its way across the room, and rummaged through a desk.

Back above, the assembly introduced one another and discussed what each felt they had to offer the team, as well as what their ultimate goals were.

Below, the figure, now carrying a pair of items, headed to the stairs with a shuffling gait.

The door to the roof creaked as it opened.

I never understood people who need everyone to like them until just now when I remembered how I act when I meet a dog who doesn’t like me.

Computron Update 2021

I feel I should note that I got a new laptop this week. For the first time in my memory, I got the new computer without the previous computer being entirely dead. Granted, the old one was in bad shape. The straw that broke it was that its power cord had seemingly frayed to a point where it could no longer charge, but it had enough problems that it justified getting a new computer and not just a new cord. For example, now I’m on a laptop that, when I move it’s screen, the screen doesn’t fall off.

But the thing is, the old laptop isn’t dead. And with the new cord, I can charge it. So I have two laptops, both in (essentially) working order. That means I got a new computer without losing information or files. For a long time, buying a new computer was, for me, an event tinged with sadness because the old one had given out on me. Well, since that role has been taken over by my car situation, I guess I just have a nice pleasant computer transfer now. Looking back on this site, it was 2017 when I got the last one. Worryingly recently. I sure hope that I am able to continue down the two-computer path for years to come.

The worst part of being Ghost Rider would be that you couldn’t safely ride over nice wooden covered bridges.