Famous old Gimpy

I just feel that I need to spread the word that the translation of Hesiod’s Works and Days that I am using for my mythology class at one point refers to the god Hephaestus as “famous old Gimpy” and I find this hilarious. Sure it is mildly amusing because making fun of someone who is crippled is always funny (this is fact, you can not dispute this ever), but what amuses me more about it is the familiarity of the term. If some text had referred to Athena as “famous old Brainy” or Hercules as “famous old Muscles” I would find it nearly as amusing, I think.

Still, Google tells me that the phrase is barely used in the Internet, so I guess nobody has latched onto this one phrase as much as I have. Everybody but me is a joyless moron (this is fact, you can not dispute this ever).

  1. Hey, apparently Twitter posts to my site again. When did that happen? Oh well. Now I can do Twitter again. Neat.

  2. I just read this on Works and Days. Gave a me a good chortle. I didn’t expect a poem such as this to have a translation like this.

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