Sing it!

Hey, you know something I find annoying? Music videos where the singer is standing there or sitting in a car or something and he’s looking right at the camera and he is ostensibly singing the lyrics, but his face is not showing the emotion of the lyrics? It’s like he’s just talking the lyrics? I think it may be some kind of attempt at being casual or something, but if you aren’t showing the emotion that the lyrics are trying to convey, just get out of the video and show me some cool visuals. Actually, I’ll take cool visuals over showing the singer pretty much every time.

Remember that, people who make music videos.

Not that I actually bother to watch very many music videos…

  1. They still have music videos? I thought all the music videos were replaced by reality tv. That’s the only thing the old music channels play anymore.

  2. I was, for the most part, thinking of videos which I had seen in my youth. But they’re probably still doing it.

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