Canadian Railway Superhero

Okay, today we’ve got the construction of a railroad across Canada. They need to blow up some stuff with nitro, a highly volatile explosive, and nobody white wants that kind of risk. WHAT IS A CANADA TO DO? Wait, I know! Chinese! An immigrant worker steps up to take the risk for some danger pay and, even when the nitro blows up on him and the insensitive guy with the awesome beard says “Well, get another one”, the Chinese worker stumbles back out to happily try again! The piece ends with the man telling the story to his (I assume) grandchildren, mentioning the sheer volume of Chinese workers who died making the railroad, because they were less than he.

It’s like, sure, a lot of Chinese workers died to make the railroad, but hey, our friend here, who we’ve come to know and like, is fine, so it is all good! It turns out that this guy is like Bruce Willis in Unbreakable and he used his super durability to make the money needed to pay boat, got his wife to Canada, and started making progeny so he could tell his story. The tragic numbers of people who died doesn’t seem so bad when we look back with a survivor. In a way, this is a true fact of history. All tragedy is less terrible as time goes on, a lesson Canada needed to know. That is what we’re supposed to take from this one, right?

Anyway, to the review. Let us see now. This spot has a message of respect for a minority group and it includes an explosion and one of Canada’s apparent first superhuman citizens. All told I think I can give this one Four and a Half Pieces of PDR’s Reviewing System Cake. Is it racist that I really like the style protagonist’s hairstyle in the his youth? I’ll get out here just in case.

  1. You know what’s especially grating is that so many railways have basically been torn up again, after all that death that went into them in the first place.

    Definitely don’t marry anyone who doesn’t appreciate trilobites!

    • Yeah, so if anyone knows any nice single trilobite scientists, let me know. As of this writing interest in trilobites is, apparently, the only trait I’m looking for in a spouse.

      Also, I don’t think I’ve ever ridden a Canadian railway. Someday I’ll have to change that.

      • You should try riding a train first.

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  2. We took the train the other week to Toronto to see Iron Maiden. (Well, I saw them.) It was awesome. (The concert *and* the train.)

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