Cheer up with comics! 04/23/12

I could use some cheering up today. Luckily, Monday is comic day for PDR, so something is bound to pick my spirits up. Let’s take a look:

Hmm. That didn’t do it. Let’s try again:

Uhhhh… Maybe I’ll give it another try:

Dammit. I need to try something more jokey:

Geez. This isn’t working. Maybe if I just stick with the Phone Guys, since I would have written and scheduled that more than half a year ago, they’re bound to be upbeat!

Hey, nobody died in that one! As for being disappointed in how your life turned out? I’m used to that. All cheered up now.

    • It did. I wish I could do that many every week, but alas, I cannot. Still, At least we got this batch.

  1. That first one was hilarious in a sick sort of way.

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