Mysterious Stranger Man

Okay, my latest encounter with the police has just occurred. It is just a small one, but I did say I’d put them all on here:

So I’d just gotten home from work and decided I’d go grab some groceries from the twenty-four hour Sobeys down the road. But I did not take a direct route, instead opting for a meandering path of walkin’ fun on side streets. I was wearing my mp3 player and dancing around like an idiot to Bowie as I went, and that was when I first noticed a car slowly going by me, which turned out to be a cop car. It went up ahead, then turned around and not-at-all subtly drove by me again, checkin’ me out an talking on the police-talking-machine. That was it, though. Didn’t even stop to ask me where I was going. Which is a shame.

I’ll never know if they were looking for someone in particular or if he was just checking out the mysterious trenchcoated scruffy guy walking around at four in the morning, but I do know that by the time that second pass-by happened, I was grinning like an idiot, which probably made me seem insane. Good times.

In other news: Bruise on my knee, don’t know why.

  1. That bruise is where the cops injected you with a tracking chip while you slept.

    • That’s stupid. When I lose that leg, they won’t have a clue where I am. Typical lacklustre policing.

      • That’s what you think. Their chips multiply and spread throughout all of your organs via the bloodstream. You’ll only escape when you lose your entire body.

        Commented: Anthony (on )
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      • Pat! When are you going to be just a head??

        Commented: Marq (on )
        Permalinked: c69760
      • Not soon enough.

        Commented: PDR (on )
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