Okay, so, as I’ve mentioned, I’m in a state of brokeness these last few months. But having just gotten paid and having woken up pretty early by my standards, I decided to get some shopping in. Today, I’m spendin’.

First off, I went down to the comic shop to pick up the stuff in my account. I figure I should at least clean out my account every few months so they don’t hate me. Judging by the number of Captain Americas that were waiting for me, I’d say it had been three months since my last trip to the shop. While I was there, I also picked up the Hark A Vagrant book, since that’s something I wanted to pick up a few months back or whenever it was when it came out, but I wasn’t spendin’ then. Today, I’m spendin’.

Then I went and got groceries from that store that is below my apartment. I think most people will agree that food is not something I should feel bad about spenin’ on. Mostly I think I did pretty good. I got stuff that was on sale and stuff that is frozen, so I don’t panic and assume I have to eat it all right away. But then I went and bought some juice. I love juice and all, but if I’m supposed to be saving money, it is a dumb expenditure. There is water, free water, pumped into my apartment for free! Someone remind me not to buy juice ever again until I’ve got at least $2000 less debt than I’ve got now. I don’t care if I am spendin’, I could be spendin’ more wisely.

One of the other things I decided was worth spendin’ on was a pack of four Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup “bars” which, despite being called bars on the package are actually the regular three cups, which is exactly what I was expecting, I’m not complaining about that. My thought process was like this: “Those things cost $1.50 each in the vending machine at work and this pack of four costs only twice that. Sound logic. I could get them pretty cheap and they could last several days. Probably worth spendin'”

But now I’m actually looking at these things. They have simply got too much associated garbage. There’s the bag they all come in, then there’s the four wrappers for each “bar” and then each one also has a paper support thing and then each individual cup is also in a little individual cup/wrapper thing. I’m not good at math, but I’m pretty sure that adds up to A LOT of garbage. It makes me feel wasteful. Someone needs to get me a better means of enjoying Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups without producing so much waste. Until then, I don’t think I should be spendin’ on them either.

Also, I suspect they will not last as long as I’d hoped either.

  1. Peanut butter cups without the waste ” Anthony’s Super Amazing Super Ultra Super Peanut Butter Cup Hose Machine”. Just stick the hose in your mouth and the machine will shoot peanut butter cups in to your gullet. No garbage just goodness.

  2. I’m willing to invest in this. Though I suspect I would die of peanut butter cup overdose not too long after the prototype was made.

  3. UPDATE: One of the Reese Cups had THREE of those individual cup sleeve things. What the chunks?

    Anyway, the whole bag is gone now too.

    • I think you’re the only one willing to talk about the extra things that you get in Reese Peanut Butter Cups on the internet…

      • I assume that is a reference to the time the Reese’s Miracle occurred. That was a good time because it gave me more food, whereas this time is was just more litter. Then there was the time I posted about the huge Reese Cups. Maybe I do talk about this stuff on the Internet a lot.

        But then, nobody can prove to me that this isn’t what the Internet was invented for.

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  4. Thought of something: if you invest in a jug, you could get frozen juices when they are on sale. Even at regular price they come in at a fraction of the cost of cartoned juice. And preparation is minimal, too.

    • Well, even that will have to wait until some other paycheque. Do they have the juices I would like in this mysterious frozen format?

      • Probably, I’m guessing? I mean, all your major flavours are there, maybe not some of the more exotic orange juice blends, but if you had a jug big enough (I realize the irony here since, after moving out, I took the big jug) then you could combine some and make your own.

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      • Maybe *I* should invest in a jug for you, you know, seeing as how I took the big jug

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  5. Just stick the hose in your mouth and the machine will shoot peanut butter cups in to your gullet

    You just made my week, and it’s only Monday.

    Occasional spending sprees are good. Aaah, dopamine. :)

    • For some reason, I always feel happy when I get some more dopamine. It’s weird.

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